Morning Presentations
The Effects of Deformation Bands on Uranium-Bearing Fluid Migration in Sedimentary Sequences, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
D. C. Lubiniecki, R. King, S. Holford, M. A. Bunch, S. Hill, S. Hore
Insights into Polygonal Fault System Termination From Detailed Upper Fault Tip Analysis
J. J. King, J. Cartwright, B. Levell
Intrasalt Structure and Strain Partitioning in Layered Evaporites: Insights From the Messinian Salt in the Eastern Mediterranean
S. L. Evans, C. A. Jackson
2-D to 3-D Fracture Network Detection and Forecasting in a Carbonate Reservoir Analogue Using Multiple Point Statistics (MPS)
P. Bruna, N. Hardebol, K. Bisdom, J. Straubhaar, G. Mariethoz, G. Bertotti
Structural Permeability in Australian Sedimentary Basins
A. H. Bailey, R. King, S. Holford, M. Hand
Controls on Normal Fault Growth Along Australia’s Rifted-to-Passive Southern Margin Using the Analysis of 3-D Seismic Datasets
A. G. Robson, R. King, S. Holford
Evolution of a Neotectonic, Intraplate Reverse Fault Zone: The Paralana Fault Zone, Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia
J. Berthiaume, R. King, S. Holford, M. A. Bunch
The Influence of Reverse-Reactivated Normal Faults on Fault Damage Zone Characteristics in Sandstones: A Case Study at Castle Cove, Otway Basin
N. Debenham, S. Holford, R. King, D. Healy
Deriving Relationships Between Diapir Spacing and Salt Layer Thickness
K. Hernandez, N. Mitchell, M. Huuse
Modeling of Fault and Fold Systems in 3-Dimensions: Insights Into Fault/Fold Initiation, Growth and Linkages
J. Hammerstein, K. McClay
Salt Tectonics and Late-Variscan Tectonic Inheritance Interplay in the Lusitanian Basin
C. Ruela Nogueira, F. Ornelas Marques
Seismic Characterisation of Thermal Regime in the Luderitz Basin Offshore Namibia
A. Sarkar, B. Campbell, M. Huuse
A Source to Sink Study Along the African Equatorial Atlantic Margin: Implications for Exploration
I. Sevastjanova, A. Redmile, C. Davies, M. Harland, L. Wilson
The Impact of Recalibrating Palynological Zones to the Chronometric Timescale: Revised Stratigraphic Relationships in Australian Permian and Triassic Hydrocarbon-Bearing Basins
T. E. Smith, T. Bernecker, S. Bodorkos, J. Gorter, L. S. Hall, T. Hill, E. Holmes, A. Kelman, K. Khider, J. Laurie, M. Lech, J. McKellar, A. Mory, R. Nicoll, R. Owens, T. J. Palu, L. Phillips, M. Stephenson, G. Wood
Depth through time in the South Atlantic
L. Perez Diaz, G. Eagles
South China Sea Crustal Thickness and Oceanic Lithosphere Distribution from Satellite Gravity Inversion
N. J. Kusznir, S. Gozzard, A. D. Alvey, A. M. Roberts
Thickness and Facies Trends along Depositional Dip in Turbidite Sand Sheets (Cerro Toro Formation, Magallanes Basin, Chile; and Cingoz Formation, Adana Basin, Turkey) — Any Implication for Allogenic Cycles?
J. Wu, B. Kneller
Diagenesis of the Permian Ecca Group Sandstones and Mudstones in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: Implications for the Shale Gas Potential in the Karoo Basin
C. Baiyegunhi, K. Liu
A New Approach to Estimate Gas Deliverabilitty in Gas-Condensate Reservoir With Compaction Drive Mechanism
A. Fauzi, Y. Ifandy, N. Marpaung, N. Fitriani
Re-Visiting the Hydrocarbon Potential in the South West Hammerfest Basin – Barents Sea
R. Karimova, D. Harishidayat, S. J. Lippard
Analysis of Fuvio-Lacustrine Depositional Environments, East African Rift: Sedimentary Architectures and Relationships to Rift Stage
D. Somerville, N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera
3-D Multi-Scale Characterization of Fractured Carbonates in Field Analogues on the Maltese Islands: Workflow and Preliminary Results
M. Martinelli, A. Bistacchi, S. Mittempergher, F. Balsamo, A. Succo, F. Storti, P. Bruna, G. Bertotti, M. Meda
Smectite Grain Coatings: A New Discovery on its Positive Effect on Porosity Preservation
L. Tang, J. Gluyas, S. Jones
Impact of Depositional Environment on Reservoir Quality and Hydrocarbon Production
K. Aliyuda
Iron Mineral Cementation in Shallow Marginal Marine Sandstone: Controls on Porosity Preservation by Chlorite Grain Coatings a Case Study From Cook Formation, Knarr Field, North Sea
A. Lawan, R. Worden, J. Churchill
Fracture Attribute Characterization in Karstic Field Analogues by a Combined Field and High-Resolution Terrestrial Photogrammetry Approach: Application to the Tightly Folded, Shallow-Water Carbonate Platform Rocks in the Pag Island, External Dinarides of Croatia
A. Succo, S. Mittempergher, F. Balsamo, A. Bistacchi, F. Storti, P. Bruna, G. Bertotti
The Link Between Sedimentary Provenance and Reservoir Quality in the Triassic of the Southwest Barents Shelf
E. J. Fleming, M. Flowerdew, A. Morton, D. Frei, J. Omma, H. Smyth, S. Daly
Outcrop Analogues for Reservoir Characterization - Examples from Lusitanian Basin's Post-Rift Units
N. Pimentel, R. Pena dos Reis, J. Magalhães
Detailed Reservoir Characterization and Facies Distribution of Upper Badenian Channel-Levee-Overbank Systems: Implications for Exploration Work in Between Mature Fields of the Northern Vienna Basin, Austria
L. Lerchbaumer, W. Siedl, P. Strauss
Assessing the Link Between Provenance and Reservoir Quality: A Case Study From the Slyne Basin, Offshore Western Ireland
J. Franklin
Deepwater Mudrock Depositional Processes And Sequence Stratigraphy In The Permian Icehouse To Greenhouse Transition, Karoo Basin, South Africa
K. Boulesteix, S. Flint , K. Taylor, M. Poyatos-More, D. Hodgson
Estimation of Methane From Kerala-Konkan Onshore Peatlands of West Coast India by Ground Penetrating Radar Method
D. K, R. R. Nair
Role of Continental Margin Geometry on Structural Styles and Prospectivity in Southern Sicily
A. Polymeni, J. R. Underhill, R. J. Jamieson
Emplacement and Biodegradation of Oil in Fractured Basement: The ‘Coal’ Deposit in Moinian Gneiss at Castle Leod, Ross-Shire
J. Parnell, M. U. Baba*, S. Bowden
Quantification and Monitoring of Fluid Phase Behaviour and Trapping in Geological Carbon Sequestration Sites
C. V. Jones, C. Madonna, G. Maitland, R. Pini, M. Trusler
Assessing the Applicability of Biological Trait Analysis (BTA) in Deciphering the Ecological Functioning of Microfossil Communities Across the PETM
C. N. Nwojiji, F. Marret
Upper Cretaceous Calcareous Nannofossils Biostratigraphy and Palaeoceanographic Significance of Fiqa Formation, North Oman
Z. Al Rawahi
3-D Characterization and Volcanic Eruption Phases of Volcanic Rocks in Southern Songliao Basin
F. Meng, W. Shi, L. Xu, C. Wu
Magnetic Fabric and Paleomagnetic Study of the Calimani Mountains’ Pyroclastic Deposits (East Carpathians, Romania)
S. A. Sortan, C. G. Panaiotu, D. Dimofte, R. D. Roban
Impact of Hydrocarbon Production on a Reservoir Using 4-D Seismic Data
M. Tomasgaard, L. Schulte, N. Cardozo
Lamellation fractures and their influence on shale gas enrichment in marine shale in southeast of Sichuan Basin, China
X. xu, L. Zeng
The Early Silurian Qusaiba Member as an Unconventional Gas Play in Northern Saudi Arabia: Evidence for Hydrothermal Alteration
S. Hayton, H. Jaeger, L. Ellis, C. Harran, M. Elasmar, P. Luo, K. Ertug, M. Vecoli
Synchrotron Quantification of 4-D Subcritical Fracture Growth During Double Torsion Experiments
A. Fauchille, M. Chandler, H. Kim, M. Mostafavi, S. Hedan, E. Rutter, L. Ma, J. Mecklenburgh, P. D. Lee
Lithofacies and Paleoenvironments of the Late Ordovician Sarah Tight Sand, Subsurface of the Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
A. Alqubalee, O. Abdullatif, L. Babalola*, A. Sahin
A Large Unconventional Gas Condensate Discovery in the Ordovician Tight Sands of Central Saudi Arabia
J. E. Harrington, R. H. Richards
High-Resolution Chemostratigraphy of the Woodford Shale in the McAlister Quarry, Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma: Implications for Depositional Conditions and Stratigraphic Subdivision
I. C. Ekwunife, R. M. Slatt
Application of Spectral Gamma Ray, TOC and Lithofacies to the Recognition of T-R Stratigraphic Surfaces in the Horn River Shales
J. Woo, S. Yoon, C. Rhee
Paragenesis and Microporosity Evolution in the Lower Carboniferous (Arundian) Bowland Basin Mudstones
T. Ohiara, K. Taylor, P. Dowey
Advanced Particle Shape Analysis in Conglomerate Reservoir From Borehole Resistivity Image
S. Yang, I. Le Nir, Y. Yuan, S. Li
A New Gas Identification Method Based on Neutron Gamma Logging
D. Xing, Y. Fan, X. Ge, F. Li
Afternoon Presentations
Jurassic Sedimentary System Transition in Western Sichuan Foreland Basin and its Evolution Model
J. Liu
Seismic Attributes for Differential Compaction Features in Fluvial Channel Complex and Reef Carbonate Buildups: Case Study From Malaysia Basins
N. M. Makhatar
Favorable Play Fairways for Abu Gabra Formation in Mugald Basin, Republic of Sudan
Z. LI, S. Liu, A. Liu, R. Gao
Predicting Sand Bodies in Non-Channel-Fed Areas
Z. Jiang, J. Wang
Late Jurassic Carbonate Buildups - Promising New Gas Potential in Sarakhs Plain, Northeastern Iran
R. Noemani Rad, S. Sherkati, M. Kavoosi
Fractured Granite Reservoir Characteristics in Eastern Edge of Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam
H. N. Tran
Formation Mechanism and Distribution of Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoir in Yingxi Area of Qaidam Basin (North West China)
C. Zhu, Z. Liu, S. Li, Q. Gong
A ‘Wind-Source-Basin’ Model for Interpretation of Facies Distribution
J. Wang, Z. Jiang, B. Xian
Effects of Tectonic Thermal Events on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs of Gucheng Uplift, Tarim Basin, Northwest China
Z. You, Z. Xingping
Role and Contribution of Studying the Fault Seal Analysis Using 3-D Static Model in Delineating the Water Movement and Identifying New Infill and Possible Upside Locations – Near Field Exploration, Ras Burdan Field, Gulf of Suez
K. M. Abd Alla, A. Abd E l-Hady, A. Gadallah*
Upscaling of Triaxial Resistivity Data Measured on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and Observations Relevant for CSEM Imaging
T. Wedberg, A. Stefatos, A. Vereshagin
Field Testing a Deep Penetrating Radar System
P. Harness, D. Barnes, C. Stove, G. Stove
New Exploration Discoveries Thanks to the Low Prices Era Using Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Attributes and Seismic Inversion: Case of study in an Oil Field in the Foreland Llanos Basin, Colombia
M. F. Rodriguez
Integrated Fracture and Fault Characterization in the Abenaki Formation Using 3-D Conventional Attributes and Azimuthal AVO
G. R. Fernández, D. A. Serrano, S. khurama, P. Goyes, F. Gomez
Combined Seismic Attribute Analysis and Structural Restoration as Effective Tool for Prediction of Fault Geometry at Depth and Fracture System Modeling: Case Study From the Lublin Basin (South East Poland)
M. Kufrasa, L. Slonka, P. Krzywiec
Seismic forward modelling of fluid escape pipes based on novel PSDM method
Z. cui, I. Lecomte, D. Iacopini
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Reservoir Characterization
S. Alhassan, M. Subrati, G. Papavassiliou, S. Kokkalas, D. Gournis, S. Pantelides, H. Kim
Extracting the Full Value of CSEM Data: Interpretation of Anisotropic Resistivity
T. Tshering, A. McKay, Ø. Hallanger, A. Bhuiyan
Integrating Geophysics and Geology for Improved Seismic Imaging to Extract the Best From Legacy Acquisition – A Case Study From Ultra-Deep-Water Lower Congo Basin, Angola
S. Tewari, M. S. Jarvis, A. Furber, G. Chrustek, D. Rathee , J. Bailey, K. Pisaniec, K. Mistry, C. Abu
Risk Reduction on the Ivory Prospect via Geologically Constrained Non-Parametric Inversion and Bayesian Uncertainty Estimation on a Fault-Bounded Reservoir
J. Raffle, T. Earnshaw, J. Fruehn, S. Greenwood, J. Singh, C. Hagen, I. F. Jones, R. Felicio, D. Sassen, Z. Luo, S. Forsund, M. Ackers, L. Aamodt
Enhancing Spectral Decomposition to Delineates Subtle Channels – A Case Study from Offshore Nile Delta
A. S. Abdul-Rahman, I. A. Mohamed
Seismic Channel Edge Detection Based on 2-D Digital Shearlet Transformation and its Comparison With Sobel and Canny Edge Detectors
H. Karbalaali, A. Javaherian, S. Torabi, S. Dahlke, A. Ghazanfari, N. Keshavarz Faraj Khah
De-Trending of Frequency-Broadened Seismic Acoustic Impedance for Fluid Discrimination
X. E. Refunjol
Evaluation of Sand Proportion Using Statistics of the Seismic Signature: An Application to Onshore Mozambique Reservoirs
A. Benguigui, R. Komori, P. Kaminski, R. Gilham, C. Malaver
3-D Seismic Characterization of Small Faults and Possible Fractures in a Carbonate Reservoir: Case Study From Sabiriyah Field, North Kuwait, Kuwait
S. J. AlQattan, S. Ismail, C. Vemparala
Nodal Inversion: An Optimization Algorithm to Reduce the Run Time During the Seismic Inversion
R. Falahat, S. McQuaid
Improving Seismic Interpretation by Reducing Uncertainty With 2-D Modeling and Analytics
V. Rybakov
Enhancing Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion Using Neural Networks for Clastic Reservoir Characterization – Simian Field, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt
W. S. Said, I. A. Mohamed, A. S. Ali
Quantitative Interpretation on Presalt Carbonate Reservoir From Deepwater Offshore Angola
C. Ibrahim, T. Kurniawan
Application of Seismic Reflection for Evaluation of Sweet Spot Distribution of a Cambrian Age Reservoir in a Gas Field of North Oman
R. Khan, D. Sandoval, L. Qasmi
3-D Compressional System Integrated Modeling and Volume Re-Assessment of a Cambrian Clastic Deep Tight Gas Reservoir in North of Oman
D. Sandoval, R. A. Khan, M. Al Harthi
Dolomitization of Jurassic Carbonates in the Western High Atlas of Morocco: Processes and Implications for Reservoir Properties
N. Al-Sinawi, C. Hollis, S. Schroeder, J. Redfern, A. Duval-Arnould
How Abundant are Fractures in Gently Deformed Carbonates?
M. M. Al-Fahmi, A. Al-Mojel, J. Cartwright
Novel Work Flow to Model Complex Deltaic Settings: A Case Study from Zubair Reservoir Modeling in North Kuwait
H. Turky, S. Abdul Azim, A. M. AbdelRahman
Stratigraphic Analysis and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Unayzah Formation (Lower Permian), Qatar
F. Sadooni, H. Al-Saad
Variations of Sediment Flux and Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy and Sediment Routing Systems: Wasia Formation, Eastern Saudi Arabia
N. A. Michael
Establishing Petrophysical Benchmark for the Burgan Field in Kuwait: A Case Study
M. Rashaid, Y. M. Amjad, P. Sangani, S. Low, C. Darous, L. Hayat, A. Sibbit
Object-Based Modeling of Wara Formation (Middle Cretaceous) in Greater Burgan Field (Kuwait): An Innovative Approach for a Better Reservoir Characterization
J. Filak, R. Al-Houti, L. Dashti, D. Bond, M. Banagale, B. Luneau, D. Molinari
Refined Reservoir Architecture of the Early Cretaceous Burgan and Wara Formations in the Greater Burgan Field, South Kuwait
B. AlEnezi, J. Filak, B. Kostic, N. Foote, F. Al-Mahmeed
Lithofacies, Paleoenvironments and Diagenesis of the Middle Jurassic Carbonate Dhruma Formation: Implications on Reservoir Quality, Outcrop Analog Approach, Central Saudi Arabia
I. Yousif, O. Abdullatif, M. Makkawi, W. Abdulghani
Fracture Network Topology and Characterization of Structural Permeability
R. Hansberry, R. King, S. Holford
Origin and Distribution of Carbonate Cements With Implications for Reservoir Quality in Tight Gas Sandstones, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
B. Ma, Y. Cao, K. Eriksson
Reservoir Rock Typing of the Late Jurassic Reef Complex in Support of Geothermal Exploration in the Greater Geneva Basin (Switzerland and France)
E. Rusillon, N. Clerc, M. Brentini, A. Moscariello
Porosity Quantification of Reservoir Sandstones Using a Nw Reference-Sample-Guided Computed-Tomographic Method
J. Jin
Multiple Bottom Simulating Reflectors and Multi-Stage Fluid Migration Related to Cyclic Tectonic Activity in the Deepwater Niger Delta
M. B. Aminu, S. B. Ojo
Acoustic Evidence of Fluid Flow in Irish Offshore and Physical Property Measurements on Gas-Hydrate Bearing Sediments
S. Roy, M. Max
Laboratory Sands and Natural Siliciclastic Sandstones; Implications for the Behaviour of Reservoirs
A. Murphy, K. Soga, K. Yamamoto
Development of Stranded Gas in the Niobrara Shale
D. J. Soeder
Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery: Insights from Gas Adsorption Experiments
H. Ansari, R. Pini, M. Trusler, G. Maitland
Shale Facies Identification via Post-Stack Seismic Inversion; Case Study in the Sergipe Basin
A. M. Coelho, P. D. Menezes, M. Mane