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Morning Presentations
A Stable Carbon Isotope Curve for the Middle Jurassic to Early Cretaceous: A New Chemostratigraphic Standard for Regional Correlation
A. J. Houben, R. Verreussel, N. Janssen
New Insights From a Regional and Reservoir Level Interpretation in the Mature Central North Sea (CNS)
W. T. Reid, S. Patruno*
3-D Seismic Characterization of Shallow Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Central North Sea: Hazards or Resources?
M. Malah, M. Huuse
North Celtic Sea Basin, Offshore Ireland; New Opportunities in a Mature Basin
K. Hernon, K. L. English, M. Hanrahan, C. Morgan
Defining Prospective Play Fairways Across the Southern Mid North Sea High
R. Brackenridge, J. R. Underhill, R. J. Jamieson
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Inshore Basins Along Scotland's West Coast
L. C. Fyfe, N. Schofield, J. Howell, A. Hartley, D. Muirhead
The Pre-Neogene Unconformity as Evidence for Major Sediment Delivery Systems Into the Eastern Carpathians
E. Tudor, A. Marza*, A. Ghitescu, S. Rubio
Exploration Below the Thrust-Belt of the Eastern Alps: The Last Frontier in a Mature Basin
H. Linzer, U. Exner, G. Wiesmayr
Finding New Pays in Old Plays: Applications for Surface Geochemical Exploration in Mature Basins
D. Schumacher, L. Clavareau*
Structure and Petroleum Potential of the Russian Arctic Sedimentary Basins
A. A. Suslova, A. Stupakova, R. Sautkin, M. Bolshakova, I. Sannikova, M. Agasheva, A. Gilmullina, D. Pushkareva, Y. Karpov, D. Mitronov, S. Bordunov, A. Mordasova
Petroleum Geology of Russian Arctic Basins
A. A. Suslova, A. Stupakova, M. Bolshakova, R. Sautkin, I. Sannikova
Investigating the Impact of the Hornsund High on Triassic Sedimentation on the Western Barents Shelf
E. J. Fleming, M. Flowerdew
Slip Sliding Away: Enigma of Large Sandy Rafts Within a Gas Bearing Mass Transport Complex Offshore North West Greenland
D. Cox, M. Huuse, P. Gannon, J. Clayburn
Arctic Ocean Podvodnikov Basin Tectonics According to the Latest Seismic Data
L. Daragan-Suschova, . Sobolev, E. Petrov*
East Siberian and Chukchi Sea Region: Geology, Tectonic Development, and Petroleum Systems
D. Shapabaeva, G. Zavarzina, O. Zakharova
Arctic Survey Expedition: Iqaluit to Resolute July – August, 2017; Identifying Locations for ULF Receiver Stations
I. J. Hanlon
The Tectonic Unity and Boundaries of the New Siberian Islands Terrane (Eastern Arctic) Based on Geological and Paleomagnetic Data
D. V. Metelkin, N. Y. Matushkin*, V. A. Vernikovsky, A. I. Chernova
Early Mesozoic Sinistral Transpression Along the Pai-Khoi – Novaya Zemlya Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Russia
M. Curtis, B. Lopez-Mir, J. Howard, G. Heilbronn
Geodynamics and Oil and Gas Potential of the North-Western Margin of the Siberian Craton
V. A. Vernikovsky, E. Deev, N. Y. Matushkin*, D. V. Metelkin, G. G. Shemin
Paleomagnetic Study of Mesozoic Sediments of the New Siberian Islands: Remagnetization Caused by Collision With Siberia?
A. I. Chernova, D. V. Metelkin*, V. A. Vernikovsky, N. Y. Matushkin
The Thermal History of East Greenland: Insights From Regional Apatite Fission Track and (U-Th)/He Data
A. Szulc, T. Bernard, C. Johnson, A. Carter, K. Gallagher, T. Kinnaird, P. Steer, A. Whitham
Early Paleozoic Drift Kinematics of the New Siberian Islands Terrane: Two Possibilities From Paleomagnetic Data
D. V. Metelkin, N. Y. Matushkin, A. I. Chernova, V. A. Vernikovsky
The East Siberia Basin as a Re-Emerging Frontier
S. Vasyutkin, C. M. Duque, A. V. Gaiduk, O. V. Bakuev
Lithostratigraphy and Evolution of Sedimentary Cover of Wrangel Island (Chukotka)
M. Tuchkova, S. Sokolov, A. Moiseev, V. Verzhbitsky, N. Malyshev
New Data on the Timing of Mafic Magmatism in the New Siberian Islands From 40Ar/39Ar Isotope Dating
A. Prokopiev, V. Ershova, N. Sobolev, K. Kullerud, A. Khudoley, M. Ganerød , E. Petrov
Arctic Crustal Thickness, Oceanic Lithosphere Distribution, and Ocean-Continent Transition Structure From Gravity Inversion
N. J. Kusznir, A. D. Alvey, A. M. Roberts
Managing Big Data From Little Grains: A Circum-Arctic Zircon U-Pb Age Database
M. A. Pointon, M. Flowerdew, S. Sinclair
The U-Pb Dating of Detrital Zircons From the Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian Deposits of North-West Russia: The Timanian Orogen Signature
A. Ivleva, V. Ershova, V. Podkovyrov, A. Khudoley, N. Vdovina
Modelling of Erosion and Uplift Effects on Water-Fluid Build-up, Fracturing and Leakage – Example From the Barents Sea
A. E. Lothe, S. Schjelderup, B. K. Bryn
Pore Pressure Prediction From Seismic Velocities: A Novel Approach Based on Skempton and Biot Theories
B. Dupuy, M. A. Romdhane, A. E. Lothe*
Seismic Geomechanics Around a Mud Volcano in the Offshore Nile Delta
R. Gulmammadov, S. Covey-Crump, M. Huuse
Searching for Shallow Gas: A Geohazards Workflow in Kingdom®
L. Perez Belmonte
Combined Hydrocarbon and Nonhydrocarbon Gas for Pore Pressure
M. Rowe, R. Keller
Prediction of Pore Fluid Pressures in Frontier Basins
R. E. Swarbrick
Predicting, Preventing, and Mitigating Shallow Dammam Formation Losses on the Rumaila Field, Southern Iraq
M. Pointing, K. Tough, K. McBeath, D. Saucier, M. Taylor
Pore Pressure in Jurassic and Cretaceous of Kuwait: Concepts, Basin Modeling and Prediction
M. Dubille, G. Maury, R. Baillet, N. Guyomar, O. Vidal, T. Pichot, S. Al-Ali, A. Al-Khamiss, N. Hawie*
Integration of 3-D Seismic and Satellite Data for Subsurface Fluid Flow Analysis in the Lower Congo Basin, Offshore Angola
H. S. Putuhena, M. Huuse
Planning and Preparation of a Viable Pore Pressure Prediction in a Wildcat High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) Exploration Well in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
A. Chatterjee, A. Ghosh, S. Bordoloi, R. Hutchins*, A. Mustapha
A New Method to Estimate the Horizontal Well Landing Point to Optimize the Production
P. L. Sims, A. Susi, G. Asquith
Combination of Cross-Section Balancing and Subsidence Analysis as a Key to Viable Structural Model of the Late Paleozoic Malochwiej Anticline (Lublin Basin, South East Poland)
A. Stypa, M. Kufrasa, P. Krzywiec
Constraining Paleo-Fluid Flow Events at Rifted Continental Margins: 3-D Seismic Evidence From the Exmouth Plateau, Northwest Australia
T. Velayatham, S. Holford, M. A. Bunch
Architectural Characterization of Turbidite Frontal Splays of the Miocene of Adana Basin, Southern Turkey
D. Bayer da Silva, B. T. Cronin, B. Kneller
Before the Oil: The Volcanoes of the North Sea
A. Quirie, N. Schofield, A. Hartley, M. Hole, D. Jolley
Basin Modeling and Petroleum System Analysis in the Easternmost Hammerfest Basin – Barents Sea
A. S. Baskoro, D. Harishidayat, S. J. Lippard
Eocene – Oligocene Source Rock Organic Geochemistry, Micro-Facies, and Basin Connectivity in Paratethys
M. T. Morton, S. Davies, S. J. Vincent, R. Flecker, W. Krijgsman, R. Sachsenhofer
Changes in Calcareous Nannoplankton Assemblages Across the Eocene–Oligocene Transition in the Hungarian Paleogene Basin (Central Paratethys)
A. Nyerges, A. Kocsis, J. Pálfy, P. Ozsvárt, L. Kocsis, O. Gyori
Developing a New Stratigraphic Forward Model to Understand and Predict Carbonate Platform Geometries and Facies Distribution in Syn-Rift Settings
I. Masiero, P. Burgess, C. Hollis, L. Manifold, R. Gawthorpe, A. Rotevatn, I. Korneva