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Morning Presentations
Modeling of Gas Production From Shale Matrix to Fracture Network
V. Kudapa, S. Kumar*, D. K. Gupta, P. Sharma, A. Sinha
On the Comparative Hydraulic Conductivity of Thin, Planar Cracks in Shale, Sandstone and Granite as a Function of Shear and Normal Stress
E. H. Rutter, J. Mecklenburgh
Fractured Reality: Lateral Variations in Fractured Shales at Outcrop, Application for Subsurface Analogues
S. Daniels, J. Imber, R. Jones, M. Wilkinson, J. J. Long, D. Oxlade, S. Gilment
Fracture Propagation During Fluid Injection Experiments and Indentation in Shale
M. Chandler, J. Mecklenburgh, E. H. Rutter, A. Fauchille, R. Taylor, P. D. Lee
Deciphering the Isotopic Code: A New, Online Technique for Measuring Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Shale Gas
R. J. Davey, M. Sephton, C. Smalley
Fast Shear Azimuths in the Marcellus Shale From VSP and Dipole Sonic Data
S. A. Horne, D. Rampton
The Early Silurian Qusaiba Member as an Unconventional Gas Play in Northern Saudi Arabia: Evidence for Hydrothermal Alteration
S. Hayton, H. Jaeger, L. Ellis, C. Harran, M. Elasmar, P. Luo, K. Ertug, M. Vecoli
Textural and Diagenetic Controls on Pore Systems in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation
I. Gaiani, A. C. Aplin, C. H. Greenwell, P. Cubillas, R. J. Day-Stirrat
An Evaluation of Shale Gas Potential in the Bowland Shale, United Kingdom, Using Sequential High Water Pressure Pyrolysis and Methane Absorption
C. E. Snape, P. Whitelaw, C. N. Uguna, L. Stevens, C. Vane, A. D. Carr
Depositional Framework of Petroleum Systems, Browse Basin, Offshore North West Shelf, Australia
N. Rollet, E. Grosjean, D. Edwards, T. J. Palu, K. Higgins, S. Abbott, M. Lech, J. Totterdell, D. Nguyen, C. Boreham, L. S. Hall*, M. Gunning, C. Nicholson
Spectrum of Gas Migration Phenomena Across Multi-Layered Sealing Sequences
C. Bertoni, J. Cartwright, M. Foschi, J. Martin
Impact of Salt Tectonics on the Maturation of Pre-Salt Source Rocks: Case Studies From Onshore and Offshore Yemen
T. M. Rainer, J. Mayer, G. C. Tari
Petroleum Prospectivity of the Houtman Sub-Basin, Offshore Perth Basin, Australia
L. S. Hall, I. Borissova, E. Grosjean, C. Southby, R. Owens, G. Bernardel, C. Mitchell
Basin Modeling in Marginal Basins of the Norwegian Southern North Sea: Post-Mortem Studies of Selected Wells and Areas
B. Dahl, I. Meisingset*
Paleogeographic and Paleoclimatic Perspectives on the Distribution of Lower Jurassic Source Rocks in the North Sea
A. J. Houben, S. Nelskamp, T. Goldberg, R. Verreussel
North Atlantic Regional Geohistory and Crustal Modeling for the Vøring and Møre Margin: Constraints on Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction and the Predictive Mapping of Source and Reservoir Rocks
J. P. Harris, A. D. Alvey, A. Ashley, L. Schanke Eikum, I. L. Ferriday, C. Gilman, E. Kassabji, N. J. Kusznir, S. More, S. Pyman, A. M. Roberts, M. Swierczek, A. K. Uffmann, P. Valdes, J. Watson
Role of Tectonic Inversion in the Structural Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity Along the Northern Margin of the Southern Permian Basin
J. R. Underhill
3-D Seismic Geomorphological Mapping of Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs – The Farsund Basin, Offshore Southern Norway
T. B. Phillips, C. A. Jackson, R. Bell, A. A. Valencia
Potential for Near Field Exploration in the North Sea – Missed Sand Injectites
M. S. Berg, V. Lampart
The Role and Value of an Integrated but Sedimentology-Led Approach to Creating New Value in Mature Basins – Lessons From a North Sea Discovery Around Basement Highs
G. Giwa, T. Pakenham-Walsh
Controls on Lower Carboniferous (Dinantian) Frontier Basin Exploration Play Success in the Mid-North Sea High
M. Booth, J. R. Underhill, R. J. Jamieson, R. Brackenridge
Near Field Exploration: Broadband Data Enables Lithology-Fluid De-Risking in North Sea Central Graben
T. Bird
Cause and Effect of Supra-Salt Decoupling on Mesozoic Graben Formation in the United Kingdom Southern North Sea
R. J. Grant, J. R. Underhill, R. J. Jamieson, J. Hernandez Casado, R. M. Williams
Analogue Play Statistics for Improved Pre-Drill Risking
K. Myers, J. Collard, R. Stevens
Somalia – The Last Remaining Exploration Frontier
D. Paton, H. Kearns, R. Stanca, K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson, A. A. Hussein
What Lies Beneath? Insights From a New Regional Seismic Survey Across Somaliland’s Onshore Basins
J. Fisher, M. Adams, B. Ciftci
Paleozoic Frontier Plays Along the Western Flanks of the Northern North Sea Rift System (UKCS): The East Shetland Platform
S. Patruno, W. T. Reid
The United Kingdom Rockall Trough, North East Atlantic: An Extinct Young Ocean Basin or a Failed-Breakup Basin?
A. M. Roberts, A. D. Alvey, N. J. Kusznir, G. Yielding
Revitalizing HC Prospectivity in the Bay of Biscay
R. Di Cuia, P. Pace, M. Marian, R. Bitonte, A. Riva*
Deep-Water Folds Offshore Morocco – An Exception to the General Perception of the Non-Prospectivity of Oceanic Crust
M. Neumaier, R. Littke, S. Back, P. Kukla, M. Schnabel, C. Reichert
Syn-Rift and Post-Rift Petroleum Systems in the North Falkland Basin
D. McCarthy, D. Jones, K. Johnson, T. J. Dodd
Petroleum Geochemistry of Hydrocarbons in Gadiaga Field, Senegal: A New Lower Jurassic Lacustrine Source Rock and Play Identified
A. D. Carr
Tectonics and Seismic Stratigraphy of the Arctic Ocean Based on New Russian Geophysical Data
A. M. Nikishin, E. I. Petrov, C. Gaina, N. A. Malyshev, S. Freiman
Lower Cretaceous Biostratigraphy of Kilen and Peary Land, Wandel Sea Basin, North Greenland and Its Implications for Correlation With the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada and Svalbard
E. Sheldon, B. W. Lauridsen, P. Alsen, J. Hovikoski
Seismic Stratigraphy and Development of Large Basins and Structures Offshore Southern West Greenland
U. Gregersen
Seismic Multi-Attribute Analysis of Deep-Water Sediments – Towards a Stratigraphic Exploration Model for the Palaeocene-Eocene on the Southern West Greenland Margin
T. Varming, L. Stemmerik
The Early to Middle Cenozoic Paleoenvironment and Erosion Estimates for the Northwestern Barents Sea
A. Lasabuda, J. Laberg, S. Knutsen, P. Safronova
Sedimentological Data From the Tanquary High: New Constraints for the Extensional History of the Sverdrup Basin and the North East Canadian Arctic
B. Lopez-Mir, P. Hülse, S. Schneider
Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Olga Basin, Northern Barents Sea
R. Lutz, P. Klitzke, P. Weniger, M. Blumenberg, D. Franke, K. Berglar, L. Reinhardt
The Leirdjupet Fault Zone, Barents Sea – The Nature and Timing of Deformation in a Complex Fault Zone
C. Reilly, H. Anderson, K. Ditttmers, F. Karlsen, I. Kjørsvik
The Value of Integrated Analogues in Deepwater Systems: Examples From Slope Channels
B. Kneller, N. Nair, R. Lopez Jimenez, G. Bozetti
Frontal Splay Geometry, Distribution, Connectivity and Reservoir Characterization in a Mid-Slope Environment: The Jubilee Field, Offshore Ghana
B. T. Cronin, K. Dawson, R. Visser, S. Corrigan, E. Deloof-Leguevacques
The Influence of Flow Efficiency and Degree of Confinement on the Architecture of Sheet-Like Turbidite Systems
Q. Liu, B. Kneller, C. Fallgatter, V. Valdez
Transitional Event Deposits (TEDs) of the Cerro Toro Formation: Implications on Deep-Water Exploration and Production in Submarine Channel Systems
G. Bozetti, B. Kneller, B. T. Cronin
Is Froude Flow Criticality Relevant in Sediment-Transporting Turbidity Currents?
B. Arnott, M. Tilston
Modeling Deep-Water Lobe Systems Using Process-Derived Concepts and NURBS Surfaces
G. H. Graham
Predicting Intra-Slope Submarine Fan Architectures Using High Resolution Forward Stratigraphic Models
N. Hawie, J. Covault
Hierarchical Characterization of Submarine Channels for Compression Based Object Modeling
K. Soni, T. Manzocchi, P. Haughton
Hydrothermal Processes and Reservoir Quality in Carbonate Reservoirs: Good, Bad or Ugly?
C. Hollis
Waterflood Management of a Giant Oil Field by Integrating Detailed Sedimentological and Dynamic Data of the Mishrif Carbonate Reservoir, Rumaila Field, Iraq
K. Totton, A. Matthews*, M. Pointing, J. Gardener, C. Lehmann
Paired Clumped Isotopes and Radiogenic Isotopes to Reconstruct the Thermal History of Carbonate Reservoirs: A Case Study From the Cretaceous Carbonates of Resolution Guyot, ODP Leg 143/144
M. Gusarevich, C. M. John, R. Parrish, D. Rood
Jurassic Carbonate Platforms Along the Agadir-Essaouira Basin, Morocco: An Outcrop Analogue for Central Atlantic Margin Carbonate Systems
A. Duval-Arnould, S. Schroeder, J. Redfern, L. Bulot
High-Density Surveillance in a Supergiant Field: Integrating Clastic Sedimentology With Dynamic Data in a Mature Waterflood
E. Jude, M. Wells, R. Brown, D. Camplin
The Diverse Turbidite Reservoirs of the West Nile Delta Gas Development Project
J. M. Henton, P. D. Woodman, A. Chauhan, M. Zahran
The Development and Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Adjacent Deepwater Pliocene Turbidite Gas-Fields: Taurus and Libra Fields, West Nile Delta, Egypt
P. D. Woodman, A. Chauhan
Integration of Electromagnetic Data for Use in Characterization of Reservoir Prospects in the Hoop Area of the Barents Sea
P. Alvarez, F. Marcy, M. Vrijlandt, K. Nichols*, R. Keirstead, M. Smith, H. Tseng, F. Bolivar, S. Bouchrara, J. Rappke, L. MacGregor
Review of Geological Controls on Resistivity in Uplifted Basins: Insights From the Norwegian Barents Shelf
K. Senger, S. Ohm, K. Ogata, S. Olaussen
The Use of CSEM and the Exploration Challenges in the Voring Basin (Norwegian Sea)
A. Stefatos, A. Vereshagin*, G. Vardoulias, S. Helle, T. Wedberg, S. Sperrevik
Integrated Interpretation of Geophysical Data Over the North West Shelf, Australia (Westralia ACCESS project)
B. R. Spurgeon, B. Cameron, J. Greenhalgh, J. Watson*
Innovative Electromagnetic Technology Breakthrough for Saturation Mapping in the Interwell Reservoir Volume
A. F. Marsala, S. Lyngra, S. Alsaif, S. Ma, P. Zhang, W. Abdallah, M. Ramadan
Integration of High Resolution Gravity and Seismic Data Interpretation Techniques for Onshore Frontier Hydrocarbon Exploration: Examples From the East African Rift
C. Hamilton, K. Hirsch, S. N. Thackrey, C. Gunn, M. Hertle
An Integration of Seismic and Non-Seismic Methods in Search of Hydrocarbons: Case Study From Southwest Britain
K. Pisaniec, I. Guerra, G. Bancala, J. Penwarden, A. Furber, C. Leone, G. Watts, M. Gall, P. Napier, M. Ibram
Extending Existing Technology to Explore Near Surface Geology With New Techniques in Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
M. E. Parsons, D. Burrows, C. Van Galder
Afternoon Presentations
On the Path to a Commercial Unconventional Play in Argentina: De-Risking of the Vaca Muerta Resource Play, Neuquen Basin
V. Jain, E. Kruijs*, M. Thomas
The Montney Play of Western Canada: Deposition to Development
T. Euzen, T. F. Moslow, M. Caplan
Reservoir Facies and Characteristics of the Montney Formation Resource Play in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
T. F. Moslow, M. G. Adams, A. Terzuoli, B. Haverslew
Coupling Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering Perspectives in Optimization of Completions and Well Spacing: A Case Study From a Jurassic Unconventional Play in Saudi Arabia
A. M. Hakami, C. Kurison*
Systematic Variations in Eagle Ford Shale Porosity and Pore Size Distribution Revealed by High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy – Implications for Basin Modeling
M. J. Osborne
Assessment of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources of the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal
C. J. Schenk
Multi-Scale 3-D Quantification of Porosity and Organic Matter Variations in European and U.S. Shale Reservoirs
L. Ma, P. Dowey, A. Fauchille, K. Taylor, P. D. Lee
The Controlling Factors and Quantitatively Assessing Modeling of Adsorbed Shale Gas: A Case Study of the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Ordos Basin, Central China
L. Wei, X. Pang, B. Zhang, B. Cui
Permo-Triassic Petroleum Systems of the East African Coastal Basins
D. R. Boote, C. Matchette-Downes, R. Sorkhabi
The Petroleum Potential of the Offshore Sirt Basin, Libya, Defined Using New, Mega-Regional Seismic Data
E. C. Gillbard, K. G. McDermott, B. W. Horn, D. Hallett, D. Clarke-Lowes
Burial History Modeling and Reservoir Quality in Exhumed Basins: Insights From the Illizi Basin, Algeria
K. L. English, J. M. English, J. Redfern, C. Hollis, R. Lander, L. Bonnell, D. Corcoran, R. Yahia Cherif
Deciphering Phanerozoic km-Scale Vertical Movements in Morocco: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Post-Variscan Source-to-Sink Systems
R. Charton, G. Bertotti, T. Luber, A. Arantegui, J. Redfern
Burial and Exhumation History of the Labrador-Newfoundland Margin and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
P. Japsen, P. F. Green, J. M. Bonow, D. H. Wilton, A. M. Hinchey
Newfoundland – Ireland Conjugate Margin Oil Families: Siblings and Cousins Plus the Occasional Outsider
J. Armstrong, J. Laigle, S. Piriou, A. Huc, I. Atkinson, M. Hanrahan, K. English
Alaska Burger Prospect Evaluation – Insights From Geochemistry
E. Inan Villegas, T. X. Homza, A. Rojas, R. Tingook, R. Pimentel Riobueno, J. Holroyd, P. N. Taylor
Predicting Fluid Phase in a Complex Setting, Yenisei Khatanga Basin, West Siberia, Russia: Is There a Big Oil Prize in This Under-Explored Basin?
F. Rodriguez Monreal, Y. Kolosova, H. Volk, J. Winterbourne*
Groundbreakers: Re-living Some Great Moments in Petroleum Geoscience
H. Edmundson
The Middle Eastern Heritage of the Petroleum Industry: The Archaeology of Bitumen
T. Van de Velde
The Search for Onshore Oil in the United Kingdom
M. Q. Morton
United Kingdom Shale Gas (and Oil) Exploration From 1875 to Now
R. Selley
Ayoluengo: The Only Oil Field Onshore Spain
J. Navarro Comet
The History of the Oil and Gas Exploration in Italy
F. F. Cazzini
Birth and Development of Oil and Gas Industry in the Northern Carpathians (Until 1939)
P. Krzywiec
History of Petroleum Exploration in China
J. Gao
Benchmarking Exploration Predictions and Performance Using 20+ Years of Drilling Results: One Company's Experience
F. Goulding, K. Rudolph*
The Evolution of the Pre-Salt Play in the Kwanza Benguela Basins, Angola
A. J. Witt, A. Bump, T. Love, F. Setzer
Expression of East African Rift Through Mass Transport Systems in the Angoche Basin, Mozambique
K. Broadbent, D. Barlass, D. Rathee, S. Tewari
The Petroleum Prospectivity of the Apulian Carbonate Platform Margin and Key Tectonic and Stratigraphic Controls
C. Caldarelli, A. Riva, R. Di Cuia
Isolated Carbonate Platforms of the Mediterranean Region: Using Surface and Subsurface Analogues to Define Depositional Architectures, Reservoir Distribution and Hydrocarbon Potential of an Attractive Exploration Target
G. Rusciadelli, L. Burbi, L. Lipparini, P. Shiner, C. Ricci
Exploration Potential in an Enigmatic Pre-Triassic Sub-Basin in the Norwegian-Danish Basin
V. Lampart, S. Baer, J. Beenfeldt
Linking Rifting History and Magmatic Cyclicity West of Britain
F. Walker, N. Schofield, M. Hole, D. Jolley
Geology of the 5/22-1 (Errigal) Exploration Borehole, North East Rockall Basin, Offshore Western Ireland: The Role of North Atlantic Break-Up Magmatism on Petroleum System Development
C. A. Jackson, C. Magee, C. Jacquemyn
Challenges in Fluvial Reservoir Geology
N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera, N. Yan, W. D. McCaffrey
Using Field Analogue Data for Deterministic Subsurface Modeling of Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoirs in Incised Valley Settings (Carboniferous, Kentucky, USA)
A. Le Cotonnec, A. Moscariello, D. Ventra
Adopting an Integrated Multidisciplinary Source-to-Sink Approach to Better Understand and Predict Clastic Reservoir Presence and Quality
H. Smyth, G. Nicoll, R. James, F. Kohlmann, L. Cowley
Jurassic – Early Cretaceous Reservoir and Seal Facies From the North Atlantic Margin Basins of Eastern Canada and South-Western Ireland
A. McAfee, A. Rooks, J. Whiting, L. Man
“Leveraging the Outcrops” – The Key to Successful Exploration for Mesozoic Plays Offshore the Central Atlantic Margin
J. Redfern, G. Bertotti, A. Duval-Arnould, J. Wang, R. Charton, L. Bulot, L. muniz-pichel, M. Huuse, T. Luber
Stratigraphic Evolution of a Cretaceous Mixed (Turbidite-Contourite) System: The Polonio Drift System (PDS), Uruguay
A. Creaser, F. Hernandez-Molina, P. Thompson, G. Badalini, M. Soto, B. Conti
Multi-Scale Heterogeneity Within Deep-Lacustrine, Partially-Confined, Slope-Apron Turbidite Fans: Examples From the Early Cretaceous, North Falkland Basin
T. J. Dodd, D. McCarthy, P. C. Richards
Petroleum Systems Framework of Significant New Oil Discoveries in Arctic Alaska
D. W. Houseknecht
Baffin Bay Elusive Plays: Geological Surprises of an Arctic Exploration Campaign
M. Grecula, S. Wadsworth, D. Maloney, H. Lauferts, G. Cooke, A. Jones, S. Stevanovic
The Timing and Characteristics of Source Rock Intervals in the Late Cretaceous Kanguk Formation, Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands
P. Hülse, A. Gize, J. Herrle, M. A. Pointon, S. Schneider, S. R. Kelly
Upper Ordovician Reefs in the Hudson Bay Basin; Potential for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
D. Lavoie, A. Castagner, O. Haeri Ardakani, A. Desrochers
Recent Hydrocarbon Studies in the Baffin Bay, Northwest Greenland
J. S. Adolfssen, U. Gregersen, P. Knutz
Source-to-Sink Study of the Southwestern Barents Sea Margin: Using Ancient Catchments to Constrain Reservoir-Quality Sandstone
C. Eide, T. Klausen, D. Katkov, A. A. Suslova, W. Helland-Hansen
Undiscovered Resources in the Norwegian Barents Sea
A. Ramirez, M. Bjørheim, A. Bjørnestad
Circum-Arctic Petroleum Systems: Where Is the Potential and What Are the Risks?
O. J. Ralph
Deep-Water Exploration and Production: Global Update Highlights a Major Transformation in the Last Decade
J. Faroppa, H. S. Pettingill
A Revised Distribution of Mesozoic Sediments and Its Implications on Play Type Elements and Interpreted Leads Within the Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
D. McCallum, J. Carter, D. E. Cameron, V. Mitchell
Structural and Depositional Characteristics of Mesozoic Rift Section – Jeanne d’Arc to Flemish Cap Graben, Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
D. E. Cameron, J. Carter, D. McCallum
The Consequences of Hyperextension on Deep Water Basins: Examples From the North Atlantic and Circum-Arctic
R. C. Whittaker, B. E. Ady
Early Cretaceous Stratigraphic Response to Hyperextension, Porcupine Basin, Irish Atlantic Margin
L. Whiting, P. Haughton, P. Shannon
Dynamic Behavior of the MH1 Reservoir Interval in the Jubilee Field, Offshore Ghana: Monitoring and Interference Testing During Extended Shutdown Allowing Unique Study of Injector-Producer Connectivity in a Deep-Water Turbidite Frontal Splay Reservoir
N. Menad, W. A. Bhatti*, R. Visser, A. Osei, K. Dawson, B. T. Cronin, I. Demaerschalk, E. Deloof, P. Burgess, E. Loudon
Describing Depositional Model to Emerging Deepwater Exploration Province on Kawengan Group in Madura Strait, East Java Basin, as Pioneer Deepwater Exploration in Indonesia
T. Wibowo, I. W. Ardana Darma, P. Soemintadiredja, D. Noeradi
Assessment of Passive Margin Clastic Shelf Targets in the South Falkland Basin Through the Integrated Application of Geological, Geophysical and Rock-Physics Modeling
B. J. Farrer
Mining the Diamond: Next Step in the Safety Journey
J. Jackson
Improving Mobile Seismic Crews HSSE Performance
S. K. LaFon
Towards Better Characterization of Air Emissions From Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations: Implications for Future Regulatory Regimes
M. Gibbs
Monitoring CO2 Injection at a 1,000,000 Metric Tonne Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Demonstration Project
R. Balch, R. Esser, R. Will
Troll Area, Norwegian North Sea: Case Study of CO2 Storage Sites in an Aquifer Under Depletion
F. Riis, N. Pedersen, M. A. Birkeland, T. Hultgreen
Reducing Geologic Uncertainty Associated With Microseismicity Potential in Carbon Storage Projects
H. E. Leetaru, R. Bauer, J. H. McBride, J. Freiburg
Underground Water Exploration Using Seismic Information, Electrical Logs and Seismic Attributes in La Guajira Basin, Colombia.
M. F. Rodriguez
Benthic Assessment of the Deepwater Horizon Accident: A Worm’s Eye View
D. A. Carey, J. D. Germano, K. Sturdivant, D. Doolittle