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Morning Presentations
Petroleum Systems and Prospects in the Deepwater Mozambique Channel
D. Rusk, R. G. Bertagne
The Tectono-Stratigraphic Development of the Jahama Platform Margin and Western Sirt Trough, Offshore Libya
R. Aboushoug, D. R. Boote, A. Gudmundsson
Tectonic Development, Sedimentation and Paleoceanography of the Mozambique Channel
A. Thieblemont, J. Ponte, F. Hernandez-Molina, C. Robin, F. Raisson, F. Guillocheau
The Power of Scientific Ocean Drilling Data in Frontier Exploration
S. Morgan
A Source-to-Sink Study of the Neogene Sediment Fluxes in the Niger Delta
A. C. Henshaw, L. Lonergan, A. Whittaker, G. G. Roberts
Early Cretaceous Carbonate Build-Up Plays, Offshore Namibia and South Africa Margin
A. Intawong, P. Esestime, N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez
Time-Exclusive Sediment Transport Mechanisms in the Deepwater Niger Delta
M. B. Aminu, S. B. Ojo
Boom and Bust: The Deepwater Cretaceous Plays of the Mid-Atlantic Margins
P. R. Mullin, F. Inniss, L. Stephen, R. Erlich
Turbidite Systems Offshore Morondava Basin, Madagascar: Implications for Deepwater Exploration
K. Hannke, G. Wilmot, G. C. Tari
Assessing the Impact of Intermediate Storage on Sandstones in a Passive Margin Basin
M. Nauton-Fourteu, S. Tyrrell
Regional Reservoir Quality Trends in Mesozoic Sandstone Reservoirs of the North Atlantic Margin Basins of Eastern Canada and South-Western Ireland
S. F. Greenfield
An Integrated Approach to Modeling Reservoir Quality
P. Armitage, A. Dale, N. Clark
Multistage Fault-Related Dolomitisation of the Middle Cambrian Mount Whyte and Cathedral Formations: Insights Into the Tectonic and Diagenetic History of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
J. E. Stacey, A. I. Koeshidayatullah, C. Hollis
A New Method to Estimate the Horizontal Well Landing Point to Optimize the Production
P. L. Sims, A. Susi, G. Asquith, S. K. Henderson
Fluid Flow Modeling in Various Clay Textures
A. Golreihan, R. Swennen
Integration of 3-D Outcrop Data Into Reservoir Models
R. Deschamps, J. Schmitz, P. Joseph, B. Doligez, J. Mengus
Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Deposits: Scales and Heterogeneities
D. Chiarella, S. G. Longhitano, M. Tropeano
Light Oil Exploration Potential for Devonian-Silurian (Fortin and Chaleurs Groups) Carbonates/Mudstones, Central Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, Near the Grande Riviere Transform Fault
L. Sternbach, C. Sternbach, S. Sejourne, J. McCullough
Multi-Scale Digital Rock Analysis of Porosity and Organic Matter in the Appalachian Basin, USA
J. Walls, G. Davalos, M. Weinreich
Impact of Different Basin Settings on Unconventional Shale Play Development – Upper Alum Shale vs. Bowland Shale (Carboniferous, Germany, United Kingdom)
H. Jaeger
Microfacies Variability of the Basinal Bowland Shale, United Kingdom
A. Fauchille, L. Ma, M. Chandler, E. Rutter, P. D. Lee, K. Taylor*
Source Potential and Geomechanical Characterization of the Barren Measure Formation Shale, Damodar Basin, East India
W. Ahmed, J. McLennan, G. M. Bhat, J. Craig, D. J. Thul, B. Thusu, S. Kanungo, N. Hakhoo, M. Hafiz, T. Tran
Multi-Scale, Multi-Dimensional Shale Imaging
L. Ma, P. Dowey, A. Fauchille, M. Chandler, K. Taylor, P. D. Lee
The Jurassic Shales of Southern England: Similarities, Differences and Oil In-Place Resource Estimation
E. Greenhalgh, I. Andrews, T. Harvey, M. Quint
Minerals From Elements: A Reality Check
E. J. Mathia, K. Ratcliffe, M. Wright
Heterogeneity of Lacustrine Shale and Its Implications – A Case Study of Zhangjiatan Shale in Ordos Basin, China
Y. Lei, X. Luo , X. Wang, L. Zhang*, M. Cheng, Y. Yu, L. Zhang , C. Jiang, C. Gao
Tracing Fluid Provenance and Flow Migration in Sub-Salt Layers of the Red Sea Basin With Geochemical Techniques
P. Birkle, J. P. Brown, P. J. Ball, J. Mengual, W. K. Hussein
Source Rocks and Hydrocarbon Fluids of the Browse Basin
T. J. Palu, L. S. Hall*, D. Edwards, E. Grosjean, N. Rollet, C. Boreham, T. Buckler, K. Higgins, D. Nguyen, K. Khider
Petroleum Systems in the Geneva Basin: Insights From Basin Modeling
D. Do Couto, A. Moscariello
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Menilite Formation in Western Ukraine
J. Rauball, R. Sachsenhofer
Alternative Source Rocks on the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Potential Cretaceous Sourcing in Deepwater Basins
L. H. Garner, P. Farrimond, M. Nuzzo
Basin Modeling of the Porcupine Basin, Ireland
D. Gagnevin, P. Haughton, P. Shannon, L. Whiting
Pore Pressure Evolution and Distribution Across a Tectonostratigraphically Complex Basin, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
S. O'Neill, S. Jones, J. Gluyas, P. Kamp, R. Crookbain
New Data on Thermal History and Source Rock Development in Complex Rift Basins (Northern Upper Rhine Graben, SW Germany)
M. Perner, H. Jaeger, C. Reinhold, W. Stinnesbeck, T. Bechstaedt
Marlim R3D: A Realistic Model for mCSEM Simulations: Phase I – Model Building
P. T. Menezes, B. R. Carvalho
Mass-Transport Complexes (MTCs) and Their Sequence Stratigraphic Context: A 3-D Seismic Reflection Case Study From the Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
M. J. Steventon, C. A. Jackson, D. Hodgson
Enhancing SAR Seep Interpretation With Broadband Seismic Data: A Case Study From the Timor Trough
R. Edwards, M. Sanderson, P. Duran, G. Duval, M. King
Gas Identification in Thin Beds Using LWD Measurements – West Africa Offshore Example
S. Oifoghe, O. Daniel, I. Nwabueze, V. Okowi, C. Thompson
High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Model of Turbidites: A Case on the 1st Member of Kqn Formation in Dabusu Area, South Songliao Basin
Z. Ning, H. Jiangqin, Z. Guangya, M. Fengjun, D. Hongwen
Estimating Heatflow in Frontier Basins Using Bottom Simulating Reflectors (BSRs): Implications for Deepwater Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Offshore MSGBC Basin, The Gambia
O. Owolabi, M. Huuse, J. Redfern, B. Sayers
Islands in the Cretaceous Mozambique Channel
Y. Bassias
Characteristics and Vertical Sedimentary Succession of the Early Cretaceous Supercritical Hyperpycnal Flow Deposits on Lingshan Island, Eastern China
T. Yang, Y. Cao
Understanding the Controls on Clastic Sedimentation Using Forward Stratigraphic Modeling and Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy
M. Lejri, H. Madhoo*, B. Claussmann, L. Truelove, J. Tveiten, D. Tetzlaff, P. Salomonsen
Morondava Basin, Offshore Madagascar: A Regional to Basin-Specific Review of Its Hydrocarbon Potential – A Bright Future Awaits
G. F. Roberts, T. Christoffersen, X. Jingwei
Afternoon Presentations
Petrographic Characteristics and Reservoir Quality of Paleozoic-Mesozoic Formations of the An Chau Basin, Onshore North Vietnam
H. A. Tuan, V. P. Tien, N. H. Nguyen, L. H. Nielsen, M. B. Fyhn, I. Abatzis, H. T. Nguyen
Quantifying Uncertainties Around Net Rock Volume: Application of Analogue Informed Facies Models
A. ten Hove, S. Cobain, B. Meyer, L. Colombera, N. P. Mountney
Innovative Fluid Identification Method by Integrating Array Dielectric Measurements, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Spectroscopy Data: One Case Study in the Low Contrast Complex Oil Reservoir, Bohai Bay, China
J. Wu, J. Wang, H. Mortley, K. Pokhriyal*
Permeability Index of Vugs and Fractures in Heterogeneous Carbonate Gas Reservoirs From High-Resolution Electrical Images
D. Wang, B. Xie, S. Yang*
Lithofacies, Cycles and Diagenesis Controls on Dolostone Reservoir Quality for the Lower Cambrian Longwangmiao Formation in Central Sichuan Basin, South West China
S. Shi, S. Hu*, Q. Fu, Z. Xu, L. Jiang
Cold Water Travertine Shrubs: Implications for Pre-Salt Shrubs in the South Atlantic
L. Guo, R. Riding, A. Virgone
Unraveling Gunung Botak Sandstones: An Implication for Triassic to Jurassic Reservoir Characterization of the Bird’s Head Area, West Papua, Indonesia
I. Gunawan, A. Shirly*, W. Kurniawan
Seismic Geomorphology and Evolution of the Early-Mid Miocene Isolated Carbonate Build-Ups, North West Shelf of Australia
M. Saqab, J. Bourget
Lithochemical and Petrographic Analyzes of Bazhenov Black Shales (Western Siberia, Russia)
A. Gavrilov, M. Tugarova
Microbial Biomineralization Processes Forming Stromatolitic Dolostone From the Ediacaran in the Sichuan Basin, Northeast China
J. Zhang
Controls of the Pre-Existing Structures on Post-Jurassic Deformation Within the Porcupine Basin, Offshore West Ireland
M. Saqab, E. Delogkos, C. Childs, J. Walsh
Seismic Imaging of the Overturned Limb of a Footwall Syncline in the Alberta Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Its Impact on Exploration
A. C. Newson
Modeling the Transmissibility of Faults in Carbonate Reservoirs
E. Michie, G. Yielding, Q. Fisher
Bannu Basin, Fold-and-Thrust Belt of Northern Pakistan: Subsurface Imaging and Its Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
I. Ahmad Abir, S. Khan, G. Aziz, S. Tariq
Crustal Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Perth Basin, Australia
L. S. Hall, G. Sanchez, I. Borissova, L. Pryer, C. Southby, Z. Shi, R. Hackney
Accessing the BP Petroleum Prediction Toolkit via Petrel – An Efficient Deployment of In-House Subsurface Tools
H. Volk, C. J. Veale, M. J. Osborne
The Atlas of Petroleum Prospectivity, An Innovative Tool for Assessing New Zealand’s Future Petroleum Potential
D. Strogen, K. J. Bland, M. Arnot, H. Seebeck, T. R. Sahoo, M. J. Lawrence, R. L. Kellett, K. F. Kroeger, P. Viskovic, A. G. Griffin, A. F. Boyes, B. Lukovic
Stable Carbon Isotope Analysis of Fluid Inclusion Gases for Charge History Reconstruction
Z. Wan, P. D. Jenden, A. Schmidt Mumm, K. Arouri
Accounting for 3-D Geo-Mechanical Effects in Basin Modeling
A. Bouziat, D. Colombo, J. Frey, N. Guy, M. Woillez, M. Cacas-Stentz, T. Cornu
Parallel Salt and Methane Generation – Possible Paradigm Shifts for Salt Generation in Deep Sea Processes
Z. Unger
Understanding the Evolution of Southern and Central Somalia Offshore Basins and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
H. Kearns, N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez
Outcrop Analogues in the Western Iberian Margin, Northeast Atlantic
R. Pena dos Reis, N. Pimentel
Igneous Intrusions and the Generation of Hydrocarbons
D. Muirhead, M. Duffy, N. Mark, N. Schofield, M. Rowe
Magmatism During Continental Breakup, Insights From the 3-D Structure of Seaward Dipping Reflectors
J. R. Norcliffe, D. Paton, A. McCaig, E. Mortimer, K. Rodriguez
The Enigma of the 'Transition' Phase: How Rift Basins Evolve to Passive Margins
D. Paton, H. Rowlands, J. R. Norcliffe, P. Thompson, N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez
The Use of Reservoir Analogues to Better Constrain Geobody Architecture, Genesis and Petrophysical Characteristics of Continental Carbonate Reservoirs
R. Swennen, C. Aratman, E. Capezzuoli, H. Claes*, M. Erthal, N. Janssens, S. Kele, A. Mancini, Z. Mohammadi, M. Özkul, J. Soete, A. Torok, M. Verbiest
Evaluating the Petroleum Systems of the Southern Atlantic Conjugate Margins
J. A. Malan, E. Sutcliffe, S. Mazur, D. A. Sagi, P. Webb
Developing Regional Tectonostratigraphic Models for Hydrocarbon System Evaluation in the External Dinarides and Hellenides
M. Palotai, B. Toro, S. J. Vincent, B. Vautravers
Using a West Africa Depositional Sequence Framework to Uncover Pre- & Post-Salt Prospectivity in the Underexplored Deepwater Congo and Namibe Basins
M. Tyrrell
Sill Emplacement and Forced Folding in the Canterbury Basin, Offshore South East New Zealand
C. Magee, J. Reeves, C. A. Jackson
Unravelling South Africa’s Frontier Offshore Areas
J. A. Malan, E. Sutcliffe*, K. Gardner, L. Hartley, P. Webb
Controls on Syn- and Post-Breakup Igneous Activity at the Magma-Poor Rifted Southern Australian Margin
S. Holford, N. Schofield, P. Reynolds, F. Meeuws
Impact of Late Mesozoic and Younger Tectonics on Half-Graben Filling and Petroleum Prospectivity of the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
A. Barrier, A. Nicol
Precambrian Plays in Africa: The Ignored Exploration Targets
T. Piperi, C. Tomé
Process Based Modeling: Recent Studies and Their Implications for Deep-Water Reservoir Modeling
E. W. Hansen, R. Basani, A. Vellinga*, T. Høye
Analytical Velocity Modeling for Offshore East Coast of India: An Approach Using VSP Time-Depth Dataset
N. Jindal, A. K. Shahi, K. Singh
Size Isn’t Everything: Predicting Clastic Injectites at Stratigraphic Traps Using Appropriate Analogues
S. Cobain, D. Hodgson, J. Peakall
Quantifying the Relationship Between Structural Growth Rate and the Morphology of Submarine Channels and Reservoir Facies From Shelf-Edge to Deep Water: Case Studies From the Niger Delta System
W. Mitchell, A. Whittaker, L. Lonergan, M. Mayall
Seismic Interpretation Validation at Deep-Water Rifted Margins Using Structural-Stratigraphic Modeling
J. Gómez-Romeu, N. J. Kusznir, G. Manatschal, A. M. Roberts
Aptian Salt Palaeo-Bathymetry and Subsidence on the Northern Angolan Rifted Margin
N. J. Kusznir, L. Cowie, G. Manatschal, J. Gómez-Romeu
Meeting the Challenges of Extended Reach Drilling Wells via an Integrated Geomechanics Solution
F. Mohamed, N. Lagrilliere, M. Alam*
Slope Degradation and Mass-Transport Complex (MTC) Emplacement: A 3-D Seismic Reflection Case Study From the Exmouth Plateau, Offshore North West Australia
H. D. Nugraha, C. A. Jackson, H. D. Johnson, D. Hodgson
Bed-Scale Clay Distribution in Deep-Water Sandstones and the Implications for Reservoir Quality
A. Hussain, P. Haughton, A. Obradors Latre, P. Shannon, J. Turner, C. Pierce, O. Martinsen, S. Barker
Process-Based Numerical CATS Model and Its Application to the 1979 Nice Turbidity Event
V. Teles, P. Joseph, S. Migeon