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Morning Presentations
Better Together – The Role of Diversity in Decision Quality
L. Schwarze
Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence Without Blinkers; A Close-to-Home Case Study
C. A. Jackson
Diversity in Central/Eastern Europe as Seen From Both the Inside and the Outside
L. Lerchbaumer, C. Asmar
A Globally Consistent Cenozoic Plate Tectonic Model for Southeast Asia: Insights From Regional Tectonostratigraphy and Implications for Future Exploration
J. Higton
Reconstructing South West Gondwana: The India, Australia and Antarctica Jigsaw From the Permian to the Late Cretaceous
W. J. Matthews, R. W. Wilson, T. Bevan, V. Dykmans, I. Stewart, S. Matthews
Building on the Shoulders of Exploration Pioneers to Unlock Myanmar’s Riches
R. W. Wilson, W. J. Matthews, S. Matthews
An Overview of South Australian Petroleum Systems
E. Alexander, T. Hill
Placement of New Wells on a Clastic Mature Super-Giant Oil Field: The Importance of Key Products, Appropriate Surveillance and Risk Management When Prioritizing New Wells
R. Brown
Reduced Reservoir Description Uncertainty Through Combination of Multiple Uncertain Datasets: Chasing Smaller Infill Targets on a Mature Waterflood With a New Lease of Life
E. D. Laws, D. Bishop, D. J. Cox, E. Padmos, J. M. Reynolds, M. V. Ward
4-D Seismic Reservoir Surveillance and Business Impact – Dan Field Examples
J. Zaske, U. Hoffman, C. Laurentzius, K. Lauriks, E. Lund
Reservoir Surveillance Case Study for a Steam Flood Project in Kuwait
A. Al-Murtairi, Z. Ren, J. Tinnin*, A. Paré
Evaluation of a Laminated Tight Sand Formation by Integrating Logs, Core Data and Digital Rock Analysis
J. Walls, T. Rider, R. Aylsworth, A. Morcote
Effective Appraisal of a Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir in North Oman
E. Jones, S. Buchanan, S. Long, J. Uribe, I. Pigram, B. Al Mamari, P. Shell, D. Spain, S. Murray
Inorganic Origin of CO2 and Its Indication for Sweet Spots in Tight Formations, North West Saudi Arabia
P. Luo, K. Arouri, P. Lu, F. Lu
Effects of a Mixed Wetting Porous Medium on Gas Flowing and Its Implications for Gas Exploration in Tight Sandstones
H. Shi
Structure and Depositional Systems in the Northern Barents Sea
L. Cowie, J. Faleide
Late Triassic Facies in the Western Barents Sea, the Fruholmen Formation
E. Volfovich, E. Malysheva, N. Vasilyeva, M. Doronina, A. Leybenko, N. Kukina
Is There Petroleum in the Olga Basin? New Information From Deep Seismic and Geochemistry Data
P. Klitzke, P. Weniger, R. Lutz, M. Blumenberg, D. Franke, K. Berglar, A. Ehrhardt
Structural Mapping in the Eastern Part of the Northern Norwegian Barents Sea
R. Mattingsdal
Mesoproterozoic Delta-Related Organic-Rich Mudstones: Roper Group, McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
B. D. Schoemaker, R. Johns, H. D. Johnson*, S. Menpes
De-Risking Source Presence in Frontier Basins by Combining Sea Surface Slicks and Seismic Cross Sections
P. J. Hargreaves
Integrated Overburden Fluid and Geothermal Characterization Offshore Uruguay
O. Lavis, M. Huuse, P. Thompson
Multiple Petroleum Systems of the Ceará Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
J. Scotchmer, T. Rady, O. Cheshire, D. Mellere, S. Macedo
Cracked and Full of Sand: Insights Into How Fractures Enable Ingress of Oil Into Crystalline Basement Reservoirs
R. Holdsworth, E. Dempsey, N. Roberts, K. McCaffrey
Contrasting Deformation Mechanisms Within Porous and Tight Carbonate Rocks: Insights From the Matera High (Southern Italy)
R. Di Cuia, P. Pace
Mode I Opening Orthogonal Fracture Networks: Can They Be Used as Analogue Fracture Networks for Subsurface Models?
Q. Boersma, N. Hardebol, A. Barnhoorn, G. Bertotti
The Onshore Structural Geology of Foula, Shetland and Implications for the Devonian-Carboniferous Development of the Offshore Clair Basin
T. Utley, R. Holdsworth, E. Dempsey, K. McCaffrey, R. Strachan, R. Jones, G. Blackbourn
Changes in Sediment Provenance, Sandstone Composition and Reservoir Quality Through Time: An Example From Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
K. E. Higgs, P. R. King
Variations of Sediment Flux and Implications for Sequence Stratigraphy and Sediment Routing Systems: Wasia Formation, Eastern Saudi Arabia
N. A. Michael
Provenance of Early Cretaceous Clastic Reservoirs in the Middle East
M. Wells, A. Morton, D. Frei
To What Extent Are the Favorable Reservoir Properties of the Jurassic of the Southwest Barents Shelf Controlled by Sedimentary Provenance?
M. Flowerdew, E. Fleming, A. Morton, T. Klausen, D. Frei, S. Daly, H. Smyth
Rank Reduction Processing of 3-D Prestack Seismic Data for the Geomechanical Inversion of an Unconventional Reservoir and its Caprock, Moncton Basin, Canada
M. J. Duchesne, G. Bellefleur, N. Pinet, V. I. Brake
Brittleness Prediction From Seismic Data – A Case Study From the Lower Paleozoic Shales in Northern Poland
M. Mulinska, M. Malinowski, M. M. Cyz
Shear Wave Splitting Analysis of Borehole Microseismic Reveals Weak Azimuthal Anisotropy Hidden Behind Strong VTI Fabric of the Lower Paleozoic Shales in Northern Poland
W. Gajek, J. V. Verdon, M. Malinowski, J. Trojanowski
Is Surface Monitoring Biased Towards Specific Source Mechanisms?
P. Roux
Afternoon Presentations
'Tales of an Ex-Elf” – Career Paths for a Petroleum Geologist
S. Harker
Shale Gas Hydraulic Fracturing: Investigating the Impact on the Groundwater System
C. Onaa
The Next Generation: Young Professionals and the AAPG Petroleum Structure and Geomechanics Division
A. Beniest, W. Sassi, R. J. Wessels, D. A. Ferrill, J. Gale, O. Ortega, B. Krantz
Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of Pannonian Lacustrine Deposits in the Makó Trough, Southeastern Hungary
E. Szöcs, R. Milovský, S. Gier, K. Hips, O. Sztanó
3-D Inversion and Negative Inversional Fault Systems, Taranaki Basin, Offshore New Zealand
I. Kenyon, K. McClay, N. Scarselli
Dynamic Topography and Its Influence on Petroleum Systems; The Atlantic Margin of Gabon
A. Bell, M. Sugden
Charge Is Not an Issue – Or Is It?
S. Petmecky, B. Kirkland, F. van Bergen
Sequential Vertical Gas Migration Through Multilayered Sequences Controlled by Central Conduits: Observations and Modeling
M. Foschi, C. MacMinn, L. T. Jenkins, J. Cartwright
Revised Genetic Diagrams for Natural Gases Based on a Global Dataset of 15,000+ Gas Samples
A. V. Milkov, G. Etiope, O. A. Sherwood, S. Schwietzke
Re-Os Chronology Reconstructs Whole Petroleum Systems and Interrogates an External Fluid
H. J. Stein, S. V. Georgiev, J. Hannah
Why Re-Os Geochronology Works for Oils – Experimental Evidence
J. Hannah, J. M. DiMarzio, N. C. Hurtig, H. J. Stein
Sensitivity Analysis of Thermal Maturation of Alaska North Slope Source Rocks Based on Various Vitrinite Reflectance Models
O. Schenk, K. Bird, K. Peters*, A. Burnham
Neogene Volcanic Reservoirs From the Niigata and Akita Basins of Japan
A. Racey
New-Potential in a Mature Petroleum Province: The Carpathians
M. Watkinson, T. Beal, C. Tucker, M. A. Enfield*
Integrated Petroleum System Study of Dnieper-Donets Basin: What is the Depth Limit of Future Discoveries?
I. Karpenko
A New 4-D Structural and Oil Charge Model of the Greater Wytch Farm Field Area (Wessex Basin, United Kingdom)
M. Neumaier, P. Ariyanto, A. Fraser, N. Aribi, S. Smith, S. Nollet
The Potential of Stratigraphic Traps for the Arabian Plate
T. Jewell, R. B. Davies
An Integrated Geostatistical and Seismic Facies Analysis Approach to Detect the Carboniferous Unayzah Stratigraphic Traps of Central Saudi Arabia
M. A. AbuAli
Redefining Jurassic and Triassic Play Fairway Limits on the Ashmore High Using Depth Migrated, Broadband 3-D Seismic Data
D. Eastwell, J. Mather, K. Rodriguez*
Access Westralia: New Insights Into the Westralian SuperBasin of the Australian North West Shelf
J. Greenhalgh, B. Cameron, T. Paten, D. Rajeswaran, M. Przywara
A Super-Regional Study of Canadian & European Conjugate Margin Petroleum Systems
P. Doubleday
Characterizing Crustal Structure on the Norwegian Atlantic Margin, Using 3-D-Gravity-Inversion and 3-D-Backstripping to Assist Petroleum-Systems Modeling
A. D. Alvey, A. M. Roberts, N. J. Kusznir, J. P. Harris, M. Swierczek, J. Watson
Evaluation of Processes that Control the Hydrocarbon Potential on the Mid North Sea High
O. Schenk, A. Karvelas, O. Shtukert, K. Broadbent*
Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Exploration of a Multiply Overprinted Caledonian Continental Collision Zone in the German Baltic Sea
J. Kraus, C. Rott, A. Damte
Examining Exploration and Production Myths in the Zagros
R. B. Davies, M. Simmons
In Search of Pre-Andean Depocentres – Integrated Geophysical Study in Peru and Bolivia
M. Stewart, S. Mazur, A. Mantilla Pimiento, W. Hermoza, A. Olaiz Campos
Continent-Ocean Boundaries...The End of the Line?
L. Perez Diaz, G. Eagles, N. Scarselli
Mass-Balance to Seismic Facies: Lower Cretaceous of Saudi Arabia
D. M. Steinhauff, N. A. Michael
Goliat Discovery – A Knowledge-Based Approach and Persistence and the First Commercial Oil Development in the Norwegian Arctic
F. Tsikalas, G. Uncini, N. Mavilla, F. Casaglia, J. Leutscher, M. Gennaro, V. Arrigoni, L. Gustafsson, R. Galimberti, C. Daturi
Zohr Giant Gas Discovery – A Paradigm Shift in Nile Delta and East Mediterranean Exploration
A. Cozzi
The Senegal Discoveries and How Two New Plays Were Opened in North West Africa
J. Clayburn
East African Rift Basins: A New Oil Province Heads Towards Production
K. Christopherson
The East Siberian Arctic Shelf: A Tectonic Synthesis
S. Drachev, S. Shkarubo, S. Mazur, S. Campbell, C. Green
Triassic – Early Cretaceous Structural Development of the Central Part of the Northern Eurasia
K. Sobornov, A. Afanasenkov, A. Obukhov
A Palinspastic Deformable Plate Kinematic Model Offers New Perspectives on Palaeozoic to Cenozoic Circum-Arctic Sedimentary Basin Evolution
B. E. Ady, R. C. Whittaker*
Timing and Possible Mechanisms of Tilting of the Barrow Arch, Arctic Alaska, Revealed by Low-Temperature Thermochronology
W. H. Craddock, D. W. Houseknecht, P. B. O'Sullivan
Hanna and Her Sisters: Structural Inheritance in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska
C. D. Connors, D. W. Houseknecht
New Insights Into the Structure and Tectonic Provenance of the Chukchi Borderland Terrane: Implications for Arctic Reconstructions
A. Walker, B. W. Horn
Basement Composition and Pre-Mesozoic Sedimentary Succession of Northern Barents Sea Revealed by New Data on Franz Josef Land Jurassic Conglomerates
V. Ershova, R. Belyakova, A. Prokopiev, A. Khudoley, J. Faleide, C. Gaina, N. Sobolev, E. Petrov
Deformation History of the Norwegian South East Barents Sea: Results From Regional 2-D Seismic Interpretation and Sequential Restoration
F. Schaefer, J. Chevallier-Messbacher, O. Norvik
CO2-Storage-Based Geothermal Electricity Generation Potential of Sedimentary Basins in the United States
B. M. Adams, J. M. Bielicki, M. O. Saar
Energy From the Upper Jurassic (Malm) – A Synoptic View of Geothermal Exploration and Production in the South German Molasse Basin
A. Savvatis, U. Steiner, C. Hecht, R. Koch
Geothermal and Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Upper Rhine Graben – Competition and Cooperation
J. Reinecker, D. Rettenmaier*, C. Reinhold
Structural Characterization of the Greater Geneva Basin (Switzerland and France) for Geothermal Ressource Exploration
N. Clerc, E. Rusillon, L. Cardello, A. Moscariello, P. Renard
Carbon Dioxide as a Geothermal Heat Mining Fluid in Sedimentary Basins – Technical and Economic Analysis of Its Use in Hydrocarbon Fields
J. Randolph, M. O. Saar, J. M. Bielicki, J. Griffin, B. M. Adams*
Hydrothermal Brine Transport Near Basin/Fractured-Basement Interfaces
J. E. Mindel, T. Driesner
Natural Convection in a Single Fracture or Permeable Fault
J. W. Patterson, T. Driesner, S. Matthaei
Reservoir Rock Typing of the Late Jurassic Reef Complex in Support of Geothermal Exploration in the Greater Geneva Basin (Switzerland and France)
E. Rusillon, N. Clerc, M. Brentini, A. Moscariello
Critically Evaluating the Current Depositional Models for the Pre-Salt Barra Velha Formation, Offshore Brazil
V. Wright, A. Barnett
Burial Dedolomitization of the Zechstein-2-Carbonate Reservoir, North West Germany
J. Schoenherr, M. Hallenberger, L. Reuning, C. J. Strohmenger
Basin-Scale Characterization and Modeling of Syn-Rift Non-Marine Microbial Carbonates of the Lower Purbeck Limestone Group (Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous), Dorset, Southern England (United Kingdom)
A. Gallois, E. Kozlowski, D. Bosence, P. Burgess
Microbial Carbonate Reservoirs of the Argyll and Auk Fields Reinterpreted in a Sequence Stratigraphic Context
M. J. Raven, M. Mawson, M. Tucker, S. Daniels
Reservoir Layering Controlled by the Taphonomy and Taphofacies of Coquinas From the Early Aptian Campos Basin, Brazil
M. C. Muniz, D. Bosence
Pore Type Characterization and Extraction of Effective Porosity With Digital Image Analysis: A Case Study From Miocene Lacustrine Carbonates (Southern Germany)
S. Maerz, M. Mutti
Connectivity and Drainage in a Karst Reservoir: Insights From an Outcrop Analogue
A. Riva, R. Bitonte, R. Di Cuia, S. Hegndal-Andersen
Controls on Variable Hydrothermal Dolomitization Geometries in Shallow-Marine Carbonates Using the Benicàssim Outcrop Analogue as a Case Study (Maestrat Basin East Spain)
S. Yao, E. Gomez-Rivas, J. Howell, J. Martín-Martín
High-Resolution Multibeam Reveals Water Column Anomalies in Deep Water Mexican Gulf of Mexico
P. Teas, D. Orange, J. Decker, C. Corona, K. Brumley, G. A. Mitchell
Accurate Identification and Delineation of Structured Benthic Communities (Cold Seeps) Using Double Coverage Acoustic Backscatter, With Water Column Data and Piston Coring
A. J. Digby, K. Brumley, V. Puentes, J. Leon
Using Modern Multibeam Echosounder and 3-D Seismic Data to Unlock the Petroleum System in Frontier Exploration; A Case Study in Offshore Western Black Sea
M. Fallah, G. A. Mitchell, J. J. Gharib, E. Cauquil, G. C. Tari, T. Eder
Confirming the Presence of a Working Petroleum System in the Eastern Black Sea Basin Using Sea Surface Slicks
H. Dembicki, J. J. Gharib*
Photographic Evidence of the True Extent and Duration of Impacts to the Seafloor and Surrounding Seep-Related Benthic Community Shortly After the Deepwater Horizon Accident
D. Doolittle, J. D. Germano, D. A. Carey, K. Sturdivant
Deep-Water Hydrocarbon Seep Exploration: Underwater Chemical Sensors Come of Age
D. Lavallee, L. Baksmaty, B. King, M. Whiticar, J. J. Gharib, E. Biegert, G. Sharman, A. Ross
3-D Characteristic of Shallow Mounds Supports Paleocene-Eocene Cold Seeps in the Ceduna Sub-Basin (Australia)
L. Langhi, J. Strand, A. Ross, P. Reynolds, S. Holford, E. Frery
A Natural Gas Hydrate System Overlying a Conventional Hydrocarbon Accumulation: Implications for Geohazard and Exploration
M. Paganoni, J. Cartwright, M. Foschi, P. Van Rensbergen, C. Shipp