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Morning Presentations
Modeling the Evolution of Permeability in Carbonates
R. Wood, A. Al Harthi*
Experimental Modeling of Dissolution Rule and Porosity Evolution of Carbonate Rocks and Its Significance
M. She, J. Shou, A. Shen
Reservoir Porosity and Stratigraphy of Eocene-Miocene Successions, North-Central, Jamaica: Onshore Analogues for Petroleum Systems on the Eastern Nicaraguan Rise
K. R. Tankoo, S. F. Mitchell
How Abundant are Fractures in Gently Deformed Carbonates?
M. M. Al-Fahmi, A. Al-Mojel, J. Cartwright
Neoproterozoic Microbialite Reservoirs in the Giant Anyue Gas Field of Central Sichuan Basin (South West China)
L. Pan, W. Xiaofang, J. Zhang
Microbially Induced Dolomite Precipitation Associated With Evaporites in Hypersaline Lake: A Case Study From the Eocene Es4x Interval, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
B. Ma, K. Eriksson, Y. Jia
From Elemental XRF Analysis, SEM to Chemical Stratigraphy and Reservoir of Mixed Sedimentary Rocks: The Middle Permian of Jimsar Depression, Junggar Basin, China
S. Zhang, Y. Cao, J. Jahren, R. Zhu
Broadband Data: How Changes in Seismic Techniques Have Changed Geologic Interpretation
D. J. Monk, M. Vermaas*
Using Phase Sequencing and Marine Vibrators for Residual Shot Noise Removal and Simultaneous-Source Separation
R. Laws, D. Halliday, A. Özbek, J. Hopperstad
Signal Apparition Simultaneous Source Separation
J. Robertsson, D. van Manen, F. Andersson, K. Eggenberger, L. Amundsen, Å. Pedersen, M. Thompson
The Value of Re-Processing Vintage Seismic Data: A Case Study From the Caspian Sea
K. H. Lythgoe, C. Cooper, L. Saxton, N. Abdullayev, H. Asgarov
High-Resolution Seismic Velocity Structure of the Shallow Porcupine Basin From Traveltime Tomography and Waveform Inversion of Long-Streamer Data
M. Prada, F. Lavoué, B. O'Reilly, S. Lebedev, Y. Yuan, C. Gras
A Holistic Approach to Model-Building in and Around Injectites: A Case-Study Offshore Norway
V. Valler, N. Payne, T. Hallett, M. Kobylarski, G. Venkatraman, J. Rappke, D. Fairclough
Applications of Kirchhoff Least-Squares Migration: Towards Reservoir Imaging
F. Perrone, G. Roberts, L. Casasanta, A. Ratcliffe
Big Seismic Era – Time to Change the Old Ways? How High-Density Seismic Technology Affects Way We Acquire and Process Land Data
A. Poole, P. J. Bilsby
Structural Modeling in the Kirthar Fold Belt of Pakistan: From Seismic to Regional Scale
R. Hinsch, C. Asmar, P. Hagedorn, M. Nasim , M. Rasheed , N. Stevens, B. Bretis, J. Kiely
Unravelling the Qara Dagh Anticline, Zagros Mountains, Southeastern Kurdistan Region of Iraq
J. C. Phelps, S. Banerjee, C. Mondro
Wedge Geometry and Detachment Strength in Deepwater Fold-Thrust Belts
R. King, C. Morley
Influence of Basin Architecture and Mechanical Stratigraphy on Structural Styles Within the Greater Juha Area of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt, Papua New Guinea
L. Mahoney, K. Hill, S. McLaren, A. Hanani
Structural Style and Hydrocarbon Distribution in the Foothills of British Columbia, Canada
M. Cooper
Patterns of Growth Sedimentation and Their Significance in an Active Fold and Thrust Belt of the Ucayali Basin, Peru
F. Corredor
4-D Evolution of Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belts in Accretionary Wedges
K. McClay, J. Hammerstein, N. Scarselli
The Polar Urals Fold Belt: Tectonic Framework, Hydrocarbon Plays, and New Exploration Opportunities
K. Sobornov, O. Pishchepa, S. Ptetsov, B. Plotnikov
Mopping up the Shale Mess: Integrated Mudstone Depositional Systems: An Example From the Cenomanian-Turonian Western Interior Seaway
B. Hart
Sequence Stratigraphy of Carbonate Ramp Systems: Implications for “Sweet-Spot” Prediction in the Vaca Muerta Unconventional Resource Play
A. D. Bromhead
Bowland Shale Paleoredox: Implications for Prospectivity
J. Emmings, S. Davies, M. Stephenson, C. Vane, M. Leng, S. Poulton
Source Potential and Reservoir Fabric of the Cambay Shale, Cambay Basin: A Potential Tight Gas/Tight Oil Resource for India
M. Hafiz, N. Hakhoo, G. M. Bhat, B. Thusu, J. Craig, W. Ahmed, S. Kanungo
Unlocking the Potential of Carbonate Source Rocks in Saudi Arabia: NMR Applications to Understanding Storage Capacity and Maturity
A. Almubarak, M. Boudjatit, M. Duhailan
Unconventional Petroleum Potential of the Gainsborough Trough, East Midlands, United Kingdom
F. Palci, A. Fraser, K. Parkin, T. Wilson, T. W. Goode, M. Neumaier
Identification of Prospective Zones for Shale Gas and Shale Oil Accumulations in Poland – New Results and Future Exploration Directions
T. Podhalanska, M. Janas*, A. Gluszynski, M. Waksmundzka, A. Becker, J. Roszkowska-Remin, I. Dyrka, A. Feldman-Olszewska, I. Grotek, P. Karcz, G. Nowak, J. Paczesna, M. Roman, M. Sikorska-Jaworowska, M. Kuberska, A. Kozlowska, K. Sobien
A New Framework for Predicting and Evaluating Sweet Spots in United Kingdom Onshore Continuous Resource Plays
M. A. Enfield, M. Watkinson, T. Henderson
The Effect of Oil Emplacement on Quartz Cementation in a Deeply Buried Sandstone Reservoir
R. H. Worden
Inferring Likely Fluid Movement From Rock Outcrops – The Range of Interpretations
P. J. Smith, L. Morrissey, A. Woods
Brent Group Petrography and Diagenesis: Implications for Reservoir Quality and Enhanced Oil Recovery
T. Utley, R. H. Worden
Unlocking the Precipitation Temperature of Carbonate Cements in Clastic Sediments Using Clumped Isotope Geochemistry
A. Dale, C. M. John, P. C. Smalley, A. Muggeridge
Application of a Training-Image Library to Reservoir Modeling Using Multi-Point Statistics Based on Quantitative Fluvial Facies Characterization
J. M. Montero, N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera, N. Yan, A. Comunian
Pennsylvanian Ross Sandstone Deep-Water Fans Sliced and Diced
P. Haughton, C. Pierce, A. Obradors Latre, P. Shannon, A. Lacchia, A. Pulham, J. Howell, S. Barker, O. Martinsen
Architectural Analysis of Tectonically Influenced Shallow Water Mouth Bar Complexes, Lower Cretaceous Maestrat Basin, Spain: Implications for Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
G. Cole, M. Watkinson, R. Jerrett, M. Anderson
Depositional Environment of the Oligocene and Miocene Rocks of the Bulgarian Black Sea Margin: A Comprehensive Model Based on Log, Seismic and Geochemical Data
J. Mayer, M. Fallah, G. C. Tari*
Offshore Lebanon, the Emergence of a Promising Deepwater Province
R. Ghalayini, W. Khatib, W. chbat, N. Hawie*
Geologic Origin of the Mari Mound Complex From Sediment Injection, Deep-Water Levant Basin, Eastern Mediterranean Sea
S. Heron, P. Weimer*, H. Pettingill, A. Hurst, R. Bouroullec, G. Dorn
Key Regional Evidence for the Next Deepwater Oil Province, the Mozambique Channel
D. Rusk
Examples of Morpho-Sedimentary Features From Broadband Seismic Data Offshore South Africa
C. Abu
Applying Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts to Seismic Analysis to Gain Basin-Scale Insight: Evaluating Late Cretaceous Reservoir Potential on the West African Margin from Gabon to Angola
S. Laird, K. Heyburn, E. Rees, E. Firth, C. Koch, M. Tyrrell
Prospect Investigation and De-Risking Using Cognitive Interpretation Workflows, Offshore Equatorial Guinea
T. Wooltorton, R. M. Williams, M. Smith, S. Leslie, L. Gomez*
Insights Into the Tectonostratigraphy of Deepwater Côte d’Ivoire (Equatorial African Margin) – Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
N. Scarselli, G. Duval, J. Martin, K. McClay, S. Toothill
Salt Tectonics Along the Atlantic Margin of North West Africa (Morocco and Mauritania)
B. Novotny, G. C. Tari, H. Jabour, M. Hafid
Gravity-Driven Deformation of a Youthful Saline Giant: The Interplay Between Gliding and Spreading in the Messinian Basins of the Eastern Mediterranean
H. Allen, C. A. Jackson*, A. Fraser
Petroleum Systems and Play Types Associated With Permotriassic Salt in Europe, North Africa, and the Atlantic Region
G. C. Tari, J. Flinch, J. I. Soto
Shunted Raft Tectonics: Examples From Gabon and Mexico
I. Davison
Salt Tectonics in the Petrel Basin, Australia
C. F. Elders, C. Clugston, N. Nyama, K. Ye, Y. Yuan
Shortening and Deformation Through Space and Time in the Deep-Water Niger Delta
L. Lonergan, M. Pizzi, W. Mitchell, M. Mayall, A. Whittaker
Rock Deformation Adjacent to Salt Diapirs
M. G. Rowan, J. A. Muñoz, E. Roca, M. Fischer, K. A. Giles
Investigating the Controls of Salt Movement Using Finite Element Modeling
J. Hamilton-Wright, S. Dee, C. Von Nicolai, H. D. Johnson
Volcanic Reservoirs in Rift Basins of Onshore China – A Growing Play
A. Racey
Proximal Volcaniclastic Reservoir in an Incipient Syn-Rift Basin: Geometry, Sedimentary Architecture and Petrography
A. Di Capua, R. Scasso
The Onshore Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia: De-Risking Exploration in Volcanically-Affected Basins
S. Passey, D. Ayalew
An Extended Continuum From Magma-Poor to Magma-Rich Margins: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
M. T. Ireland, M. A. Cottam
Impact of Volcanic and Igneous Rocks on Hydrocarbon Exploration
N. Schofield, S. Holford
The Crustal Structure and Petroleum Potential of the Conjugate Austral South Atlantic Margins: New Insights Into Break-Up Processes and the Tectonostratigraphy of Magma-Rich Rifted Margins
K. G. McDermott, E. C. Gillbard, C. McDermott, B. W. Horn
Seaward-Dipping Reflectors and the Mode of Extension: Implications for Magma-Influenced Continental Breakup
C. McDermott, J. Collier, L. Lonergan, K. G. McDermott
Seaward-Dipping Reflector Formation by Multiple Magma Chamber Inflation and Collapse Cycles and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration
I. Davison
Streamlining Log Calibration Workflows By Incorporation of Continuous, Digital Mineralogy Data
J. Omma, A. K. Moss, G. Hunt, R. A. Williams, M. Cortés López
Simulation of Acidizing Treatments in Carbonate Reservoirs
J. Schwarz, L. Cheng, J. Becker, S. Linden, A. Wiegmann, T. Cvjetkovic
Low and High Temperature Dolomite Synthesis: Testing Catalysing Factors
V. Vandeginste, O. Snell
Geostatistical 3-D Facies Modeling of a Carbonate Reservoir Outcrop Analogue Based on a New Pluri-Gaussian Approach
T. T. Le Blevec, O. Dubrule, C. M. John, G. Hampson
Analysis of Geological Controls on the Geometry of Incised-Valley Fills and Implications for Facies and Sequence Stratigraphic Models
R. Wang, N. P. Mountney, L. Colombera
My Geology is Too Complex for My Grid: Grid-Free Geological Modeling Using NURBS Surfaces
C. Jacquemyn, Y. Melnikova, P. Salinas, G. Hampson, M. D. Jackson
Multi-Realizations Geostatistical Modeling: Implication on Reservoir Quality and Heterogeneity: Outcrop Analogue of the Khuff Reservoirs
A. M. Adam, O. Abdullatif, A. Abdulazeez, M. Hariri, W. Abdulghani
Automated Quantitative Outcrop Analysis (AQOA) – An Optimized Workflow for Efficiency in Integration and Knowledge Transfer From Surface to Sub-Surface
M. Etchebes, A. Bounaim, T. Brenna, S. Bayarri, P. Tapponnier
Afternoon Presentations
Deepwater Plays in the Western Black Sea: Insight Into Sediment Provenance Within the Maykop Depositional System
E. Rees, M. Simmons*
Evaluation of the Rock Properties of the Structurally Deformed Areas Based on Outcrop Analogues in Azerbaijan
S. Alkhasli, G. Zeynalov, A. Shahtakhtinskiy
Integration of Sedimentology, Seismic Geomorphology, and Analogues for Improved Facies Modeling of Fluvial-Tidal Reservoirs in the West Siberian Basin
B. Legler, S. Lobachev, Y. Protkova, E. Mironov, N. Shadshnev
Novel Work Flow to Model Complex Deltaic Settings: A Case Study From Zubair Reservoir Modeling in North Kuwait
H. Turky, S. Abdul Azim, A. M. AbdelRahman
An ‘Unconfined Estuary’ Succession From the Palaeogene of the Barito Basin, Borneo
G. Nichols, D. Witts
Predicting Interwell Heterogeneity in Fan-Deltaic Reservoirs: Outcrop Analogues and Applications of Lidar Technology in the Kuqa Foreland Area, Northwestern China
Q. Zeng, R. Zhang
Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of Lacustrine Deep-Water Gravity Flow Sandstones of the Shahejie Formation (43.7-38.2 Ma) in the Dongying Sag, Jiyang Depression, Eastern China
T. Yang, Y. Cao, H. Friis, Y. Wang
Sedimentary Characteristics and Controlling Factors of a Tight Sandstone Reservoir in the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, Southwest Ordos Basin, China
Y. Gao, Z. Jiang, X. Kong
How New Technologies Are Changing the Oil and Gas Industry
J. Peak
Practical Knowledge Representation for Data Access to Subsurface Data: The Achievements and Potential of Optique Platform
D. Cameron
The Virtuous Circle of Information Management in an Industry Focused on Efficiency
G. Mansfield, D. Camden*
Cognitive Computing in Oil & Gas: How AI Technologies Will Change the Way We Work
U. Mello
Probabilistic Seismic Reservoir Characterization
P. Connolly
Machine Learning and Property Modeling
C. Daly
Deep Learning in Integrated Geophysical and Geological Reservoir Models Using Structured and Unstructured Data
K. Hami-Eddine
Interactive Processing and Interpretation of Huge Pre-Stack Datasets Using In-Memory Supercomputers
B. Shea
The Growing Role of Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics the Oil Industry
H. Saadawi
Recent Developments in the Use of Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Upstream E&P
S. S. Nash
3-D Imaging Incorporating Drone-Derived Photogrammetry, Infrared and Fugitive Gas Sensors (Poster)
T. Sergent
Are Stratigraphic Traps More Risky?
E. Zanella, J. Collard, A. Hughes
Deepwater Stratigraphic Pinch Out Plays Comparison Along the South American and West African Atlantic Margins
J. Salazar, J. F. Flinch*, J. Di Croce, A. Vayssaire, A. Mansaray, J. Carballo
Offshore Deepwater Tanzania Exploration: Sequence Stratigraphy Enhances Reservoir De-Risking
K. McDonough, B. W. Horn*
Controls on the Spatial Distribution of Paleocene Deep-Water Systems in the Central Graben of the North Sea
T. Heard, E. Tripsanas, D. Hinds, D. Owen, S. Heal
Deep-Water Sequences in Static and Dynamic Basin Margin Accommodation
M. Grecula, L. Clarke, A. Mayfield, T. Heard
Petrophysical Joint Inversion – Rising to the Reservoir Characterization Challenge
A. Zerilli, F. M. Miotti, P. D. Menezes, J. L. Crepaldi
Quantifying the Tectonic Influence on the Distribution of Slope Channels in the Toe-Thrusts Region, Deep-Water Niger Delta
M. Pizzi, L. Lonergan, M. Mayall, A. Whittaker
Integrating Multibeam Data in the Structural 2-D Seismic Interpretation Workflow: Examples From the Mexican Gulf of Mexico
R. Dirkx, K. Goldsmith*, J. Halliday, C. O' Reilly
Advanced Pyrolysis Data and Interpretation Methods to Identify Unconventional Reservoir Sweet Spots in Fluid Phase Saturation and Fluid Properties (GOR, API Gravity) From Drill Cuttings and Cores
A. S. Pepper, A. Maende, D. Weldon, A. Doebbert, D. M. Jarvie*
In-Situ SIMS Oxygen Isotope Analyses Reveals a Continuous 300 Ma History of Carbonate Cementation and Dolomitization in the Middle Bakken
A. C. Aplin, M. Brodie, J. Valley, B. Hart, I. Orland
Integrated Geomechanics Solution for an Unconventional Oil Shale Reservoir in Mexico
A. Quilantan, J. M. Rodriguez, O. D. Quintero*, C. H. Vargas, A. Peña
Unconventional Oil Potential in the Weald Basin, Southern England
A. Fraser
Cyclostratigraphic Control on Lithofacies and Their Influence on Source Rock Characteristics in Westphalian Mudstones of the Campine Basin (North East Belgium)
W. Vandewijngaerde, K. Piessens, P. Bertier, B. Krooss, R. Littke, R. Swennen
New Aromatic Hydrocarbons Characterization Method of Unconventional Oil Based on Multi-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy
C. Wang, X. Huang, X. Fan, J. Zhang
Unconventional Tight Oil Content and Quality of the Upper Jurassic, Onshore Tampico-Misantla Basin, Mexico
D. M. Jarvie
Petrophysical Properties Evaluation and Peculiarities of Geological Modeling of the Second Biggest Unconventional Oil Formation in Russia
K. Rymarenko, M. Nukhaev, T. Baranov
The Mesozoic Rift Systems of North Africa and Arabia: Overview and Exploration Future
G. C. Tari, B. Bosworth
Organization of African Intra-Plate Tectonics
J. W. Granath, W. Dickson
A Holistic Reappraisal of the Geological Evolution of the Tertiary East African Rift System, Kenya; Understanding the Controls on Basin Evolution and Petroleum Play Development
S. N. Thackrey, M. Hertle, C. Hamilton, A. Madsen, C. Gunn
Source Rocks of Somalia – An Attempt at De-Risking a Critical Play Element
D. M. Trümpy, J. Witte
The Structural Framework of the Gabonese Deep Water Margin and Its Conjugate – Impact of Crustal Makeup on Asymmetric Rifting, Sediment Deposition and Petroleum Systems
H. W. van Gent, H. van der Veen, G. de Keijzer, M. van Winden, C. Heine, M. Spaak, I. Clark
Carbonate Platform Seismo-Stratigraphy Along an Active "Passive Margin": The Middle – Late Jurassic Agadir Basin (Offshore Morocco)
A. Lanfranchi
Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of Nogal Rift Basin, Northern Somalia
M. Y. Ali, J. Lee
Megaslides, Source Rocks, and Mantle Convection
N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez
Effective Delivery of Reservoir Compliant Seismic Data Processing
A. Jafargandomi, C. Lacombe, V. Souvannavong, H. Hoeber
Broadband Seismic – What Are the Benefits and Pitfalls for E&P Geoscience Workflows
C. Reiser
Near Field Potential in the North Sea Viking Graben – Derisking Injectites Using Broadband Dual-Sensor Seismic Data
L. Feuilleaubois, N. Pernin, V. Charoing, C. Reiser
Discriminating Between Commercial and Residual Hydrocarbon Saturation Integrating Pre-Stack Seismic and CSEM Data
P. Alvarez, A. Alvarez, L. MacGregor, F. Bolivar, R. Keirstead, T. Martin, K. Nichols*
Relative Impedance Inversion of Seismic Traces by Means of Complex Trace Attributes
K. Grubbe, S. McQuaid*
3-D Seismic Attribute Expressions of Messinian Sands in the Nile Delta
E. Rushmere, M. Fahim, A. Khodeir, M. Saleh, S. El Ghazaly
Reservoir Characterization of Complex Proglacial Ribbon Channels Through Integration of Seismic Attribute, Spectral Decomposition and Subsurface Geological Datasets: The Upper Ordovician Sarah Formation in Northern Arabia
M. Y. Aldakheel, H. Alghenaim, A. Rees, F. Amry
The Raven High Pressure Gas Field in West Nile Delta: Evolution of Subsurface Understanding From Appraisal to Development
M. Zahran, J. M. Henton*
Salt Shoulders
K. A. Giles, M. G. Rowan, R. Langford, J. McFarland, T. Hearon
Revealing the Internal Flow of Salt Structures Using Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility
J. Richardson, I. Alsop, C. Stevenson
Impact of Thin- and Thick-Skinned Salt Tectonics on the Mesozoic Reservoir Potential of the Cleaver Bank High and Broad Fourteen Basin, Dutch Sector, Southern North Sea
J. Adam, M. Payne, E. Lashko, S. Lawler, N. Scarselli, S. Morse
Salt Tectonics of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
J. Verges, M. Moragas*, J. Martín-Martín, E. Saura, E. Casciello, P. Razin, C. Grélaud, M. Malaval, R. Joussiaume, G. Messager, I. Sharp, D. Hunt
Permo-Triassic Evaporites of the Polish Basin and Their Bearing on the Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon System
P. Krzywiec, T. M. Peryt, H. Kiersnowski, P. Pomianowski, G. Czapowski, K. Kwolek
Salt Tectonics Within the Offshore Asturian Basin: North Iberian Margin
M. Fleming, G. Zamora, J. Gallastegui
Structural Characterization of the Warraweena Diapir-Weld-Thrust Complex, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
O. Vidal-Royo, M. G. Rowan, O. Ferrer, K. A. Giles
Upper Triassic-Middle Jurassic Salt Deposits of the Saharan Platform
P. Turner
Structurally Influenced Plays Provide New Opportunities in a Mature Foreland Basin; Case Studies From the Alberta Basin, Canada
M. J. Warren
Regional Paleo-Drainage and Stratigraphic Hydrocarbon Trap Potential From 3-D Onshore Seismic, Llanos Basin (Colombia)
J. García Criado, V. Nuñez, I. Iregui, I. Becerra, J. Navarro Comet
3-D Seismic Interpretation of the Red Wing Creek Meteorite Impact Field, Williston Basin, Western North Dakota; Updated Drilling Results
B. Herber, P. Weimer*, R. Bouroullec, R. Barton, D. behringer
Unlocking Nigeria’s Deep Prospects: PVT Phase Prediction and V2V Implication Using a High-Resolution Basin Analysis Workflow
S. Kolonic, K. Warners, I. Ostanin, R. Schwede, L. Kennan, N. Hogg Mascall, M. Newall, O. Podlaha
'Hot" Shales and Microfossils: Applications of Palynology in Palaeozoic Hydrocarbon Exploration
A. Butcher, D. Loydell
Santos Campos Basin Future Exploration Within and Beyond the Salt Province
K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson
Reservoir Distribution on a Salt-Influenced Deep-Water Slope: Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil